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Articles from Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies (January 1, 2008)

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"Cold pastoral": irony and the eclogue in the poetry of the southern fugitives. Kuhn, Joseph 4280
"Stille as ston": oriental deformity in The King of Tars. Czarnowus, Anna 4773
"Your thorns are the best part of you": the female poet and the question of non-conformity in the poetry of Marianne Moore and Gertrude Stein. Ambrozy-Lis, Paulina 9077
A (crooked) mirror for knights--the case of Dinadan. Witalisz, Wladyslaw 2603
Chinese loanwords in the OED. De La Cruz-Cabanillas, Isabel 8343
Contact with Scandinavian and late Middle English negative concord. Ingham, Richard Report 6267
Disintegration of the nominal inflection in Anglian: the case of i-stems. Adamczyk, Elzbieta 8133
English family names. Viereck, Wolfgang 5132
Evaluative meaning and its cultural significance. Drazdauskiene, Marija Liudvika 7115
Finiteness, subjunctives, and negation in English. Anderson, John M. 4752
General attitudinal meanings in RP intonation. Hlebec, Boris 7920
Inverse binding and the status of the Spec. TP position in Polish. Tajsner, Przemyslaw 7301
Investigating dialectal variation in the English of Nigerian university graduates: methodology and pilot study. Akande, Akinmade Timothy 9925
Karl Luick's Historische Grammatik and medieval English consonant changes. Welna, Jerzy 7629
Names, derivational morphology, and Old English gender. Colman, Fran 10127
Natural Syntax: English reported speech. Oresnik, Janez 11894
On the correlation between A-type scrambling and lack of weak crossover effects. Witkos, Jacek 11519
Periphrastic renderings and their element order in Old English versions of the gospels. Ogura, Michico 6965
Peter Ackroyd's London as the backdrop to esoteric corners of the past and present. Bartnik, Ryszard 3650
Prepositional entries in English-Polish dictionaries. Adamska-Salaciak, Arleta 13141
Secret passage through Poe: the transatlantic affinities of H. P. Lovecraft and Stefan Grabinski. Wilczynski, Marek 3243
Shipping news. Fries, Udo 2745
Some pragmatic considerations in the choice between this or that in English narrative discourse. Saeed, Aziz Thabit 6253
Spiritualism in neo-Victorian fiction. Kucala, Bozena 3326
The etymology of modern English monkey. Dietz, Klaus 1139
The historical sociolinguistics of elite accent change: on why RP is not disappearing. Trudgill, Peter 3970
The stain and the sign. Poetics in Philip Roth's The human stain. Veisland, Jorgen Interview 6096
The unfinished cline of grammaticalisation? Reflections on the uses of OE under and its derivatives. Nagucka, Ruta 2959
Twice and constituency. Dixon, R.M.W. 2973
Usable vs. abusable past. A reflection apropos of two (publication-politicization) dates in the history of U.S. literature. Semrau, Janusz 6709
User-friendliness of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of English. Andersen, Birger 2970
What makes a syntactic change stop? On the decline of periphrastic do in early modern English affirmative declarative sentences. Wischer, Ilse 5129
Why does ga- not appear in the Gothic past participle? Niwa, Yoshinobu 3801

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