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Articles from Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies (January 1, 2006)

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"But why do I describe what all must see?": verbal explication in the Stuart Masque. Kolodziejska, Agnieszka 8197
A multi-dimensional description of Subject assignment in English: a corpus-based study (1). Juarez, Carolina Rodriguez 12675
A popular code for the annunciation in Medieval English lyrics. Kowalik, Barbara 9198
A Shibboleth upon their tongues: early English /r/ revisited. Gasiorowski, Piotr 5637
Ambiguity and language evolution: evolution of homophones and syllable number of words *. Ogura, Mieko; Wang, William S.-Y. 8597
Anglo-Saxon verbs of sound: semantic architecture, lexical representation and constructions (1). Rodriguez, Francisco J. Cortes; Orta, Marta Gonzalez 12036
Chicken or hen?: domestic fowl metaphors denoting human beings. Cabanillas, Isabel de la Cruz; Martinez, Cristina Tejedor 6829
Clause structure in Old English. Pysz, Agnieszka 2961
De same ole Huck--America's speculum meditantis. A (p)re-view. Semrau, Janusz 17132
Ideas of landscape in John Keats' Teignmouth poems. Mackenzie, Clayton G. 4101
In-phrases from a semantic perspective. Evidence from The York Cycle (1). Mouron-Figueroa, Cristina 6600
Language policy in Germany and beyond (1). Viereck, Wolfgang 5502
LME -ship(e). Ciszek, Ewa 3353
Lop-webbe and henne cresse: morphological aspects of the scientific register in Late Middle English. Moskowich, Isabel; Crespo, Begona 4391
Markers of futurity in Old English and the grammaticalization of shall and will (1). Wischer, Ilse 4471
Nature's farthest verge or landscapes beyond allegory and rhetorical convention? The case of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Petrarch's Ascent of Mount Ventoux. Sobecki, Sebastian 5693
Negative concord and the loss of the negative particle ne in Late Middle English (1). Ingham, Richard 6910
On derivational suffixes in three Late Middle English romances: Guy of Warwick, Bevis of Hampton, and Sultan of Babylon. Jakubowski, Piotr 3330
Scandinavian loanwords in English in the 15th century (1). Bator, Magdalena 5001
Some contextual considerations in the use of synonymous verbs: the case of steal, rob, and burglarize. Saeed, Aziz Thabit; Fareh, Shehdeh 4756
Studies on Old and Middle English literature in Poland (1910-2006) (1). Bukowska, Joanna 5753
Syntactic innovation processes in Nigerian English. Igboanusi, Herbert 4379
The articles in English (1). Dixon, R.M.W. 5348
The formal composition of puns in Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost: a corpus-based study. Adamczyk, Magdalena 6950
The semantic dissolution of the structure in ME shulen on its path to epistemicity. Wawrzyniak, Agnieszka 2874
Thou and ye: a collocational-phraseological approach to pronoun change in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Knappe, Gabriele; Schumann, Michael 10129
Verb forms in medieval Anglo-Irish texts. Jakubowski, Piotr 2393

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