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Articles from Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies (January 1, 2001)

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Title Author Type Words
A corpus-based study of the figure and ground in siting, standing, and lying construction. Newman, John 5269
Composite Predicates and idiomatisation in Middle English: a Corpus-based approach (1). Moralejo-Garate, Teresa Statistical Data Included 5173
Die Glossen der Hs. British Library, Cotton Cleopatra A. III: Phonologie, Morphologie, Wortgeographie. (Reviews). Voss, Manfred Book Review 2183
Estuary English and RP: some recent findings. Przedlacka, Joanna Statistical Data Included 6402
From Edwards to Slosson: typology, nature, and the New England domestic gothic. Wilczynski, Marek Critical Essay 3170
Gender communication. (Reviews). Nakayasu, Minako Book Review 1039
Intertextual competence: the reader's key to the treasure. Turski, Marcin 5782
Metaphors we love by: on the cognitive metaphors of love from the 15th century to the present. Tissari, Heli 9310
Naturalness, Markedness and the productivity of the Old English a-declension. Bertacca, Antonio 8951
Old English reflexes of Sievers' Law. Adamczyk, Elzbieta 4643
On the non-expressed object of Old English infinitives. Castillo, Concha 7706
On the origin of the English diminutive suffix -y, -ie. Shields, Kenneth, Jr. 1382
Orality and literacy in Middle English religious literature on the example of medieval lives of Christ. Witalisz, Wladyslaw 5442
Orthography in the Cely letters. Rutkowska, Hanna 8174
Received pronunciation: sociolinguistic aspects. (Linguistics). Trudgill, Peter 5209
Received Pronunciation: who "receives" it and how long will it be "received"? Milroy, James 9338
Recent derivatives with the suffix -less: a change in progress within the category of english privative adjectives? Gorska, Elzbieta 6476
Reconsidering the history of the English verbal system (1). Krygier, Marcin 3112
Suppletion for suppletion, or the replacement of eode by went in English (1). Welna, Jerzy 6282
The code and context of Monasteriales Indicia: a semiotic analysis of late Anglo-Saxon monastic sign language. Conde-Silvestre, Juan C. 11713
The construction of power and pride in the framework of political allegory in the Middle English Pride of Life. (Literature). Sikorska, Liliana 4470
The idea of cultural continuity in G. Chaucer's house of Fame. Wicher, Andrzej 5754
The Scots -- Northern English continuum of marking noun plurality. Kopaczyk, Joanna Statistical Data Included 3140

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