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Students with Discrepant High School GPA and SATA[R] I Scores. Research Notes. RN-15.

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Author(s): Kobrin, Jennifer L.; Camara, Wayne J.; Milewski, Glenn B.

The SATA[R] and high school grades are the most accurate predictors of first-year college performance. Together, these two measures have a high multiple correlation (r = 0.7) with first-year college grades when the correlation coefficient is corrected for restriction in range, criterion unreliability, and different course grading standards (Bridgeman, McCamley-Jenkins, and Ervin, 2000; Ramist, Lewis, and McCamley-Jenkins, 1993). The current study examined predictions of first-year college performance for students whose SAT score and high school grades were discrepant and compared these results to predictions for students whose SAT score and high school grades were not discrepant. The current analyses replicated those performed in an earlier study conducted in 1990 by Baydar but utilized a larger sample of schools and recentered SAT scores. In addition, the current study used SAT scores that emphasized critical reading, grid-in math items, and calculator use, and de-emphasized antonym items (Bridgeman, McCamley- Jenkins, and Ervin, 2000). Results of the study suggest that students with a high HSGPA (high school grade point average) in the presence of low SAT scores will not do any better in college than students with lower HSGPA scores but higher SAT scores. Therefore, the SAT may be a more accurate predictor than the HSGPA for these students.

ERIC Descriptors: College Entrance Examinations; Grade Point Average; Prediction; Scores; Correlation; High School Students; Critical Reading; Calculators; Predictive Validity; Regression (Statistics); Student Characteristics

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Author:Kobrin, Jennifer L.; Camara, Wayne J.; Milewski, Glenn B.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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