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Students set to sue school of chiropody.

A TROUBLED chiropody school could be sued by its own students.

The threat is being faced by The West Midlands School of Chiropody & Podiatric Medicine, of Blackheath in the Black Country.

Four weeks ago, the Sunday Mercury told how students paying up to pounds 2,500 to train as self-employed chiropodists could be left with virtually-worthless diplomas.

This is because of a looming government crackdown to protect the public from inadequately trained practitioners.

The result is that current students of the school, and some already qualified, will not be able to call themselves chiropodists at the end of their courses.

The school has now suddenly changed the title to 'foot medics'.

One female student: 'I have been been promised a certificate at the end of the course - after passing the exams - stating that I was a chiropodist.

'Now, it looks as though I will be a 'foot medic'.

'As I signed for a chiropody course, I am taking legal advice on whether I can claim back my money.'

The school's solicitor, John Jordan, said: 'It is the government, not the school, which is stopping graduates from calling themselves chiropodists, so an alternative name has had to be chosen.

'The position is made perfectly clear to students, in writing.

There is no misrepresentation.'

During our investigations we discovered school principals Victor Fletcher and John Falkner-Heylings had once called themselves doctors.

They were not entitled to do so and faced prosecution by Sandwell Trading Standards Department which could have led to their being jailed.

Ultimately, no legal action was taken because the men agreed to drop the bogus titles.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 17, 2002
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