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Students feel unprepared.

Only 40 percent of college seniors say their college experience has adequately prepared them for a career, with men feeling more prepared than women, according to McGraw-Hill Education's Workforce Readiness Survey. The respondents pointed to several areas where colleges could improve, including more internships and professional experiences (67 percent), more time to focus on career preparation (59 percent), better access to career preparation tools (47 percent) and more alumni networking opportunities (34 percent). At 18 percent, students majoring in arts and humanities are three times more likely than other students to feel "not at all prepared" for their careers. And only 19 percent of women versus 24 percent of men say they feel "very prepared" for their careers.

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Title Annotation:spectrum; career readiness
Publication:Diverse Issues in Higher Education
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Date:Jun 30, 2016
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