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Students denied presence at higher education reform public debate.

Instead of holding a public debate on the proposed modifications to the higher education legislation, which was initially announced to take place at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Education Minister Abdilaqim Ademi held only a working meeting with the deans of the pedagogy faculties at the Ministry of Education on Wednesday, Vest reports.

The location of the debate was changed immediately before its beginning due to the Student's Plenum intention to appear at the debate uninvited.

Minister Ademi explained that the goal of the meeting was not to debate the state-supervised exam but to acquaint the faculties of pedagogy and teachers with the modifications to the higher education legislation that pertain to them. He added that the location was changed in order to prevent students from storming at the meeting.

"We are not afraid of students because they are our partners. The debate was initially scheduled to take place at the Faculty of Pedagogy so that we can discuss the pedagogical reform with the deans of the pedagogy faculties. However, students clearly told us they intended to storm at the meeting uninvited.

"We are open for debate. We are going to organize and are already organizing a debate. Everybody will be invited and we are going to table these solutions with everyone. And once we schedule this meeting and they are invited, they will be allowed to attend," Minister Ademi said.

Nevertheless, most students from the Students' Plenum showed up outside the Ministry of Education, too.

"When we learned that the debate has been moved from the Faculty of Pedagogy to the Ministry, we went there too to tell them we are still against these modifications. However, we were not allowed to enter. We were briefly informed we would be allowed to get inside once the meeting was over, which, however, didn't happen," they said.

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Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Dec 18, 2014
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