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Students demand salary cuts for top staff; UNIVERSITY.


Students claim senior management wages at the University of the Highlands and Islands are the highest in Scotland and must be cut.

The Highlands and Islands Students Association (HISA) claims the university partnership spends about PS4.7 million annually on senior management pay - PS3.2m more than St Andrews University and PS3.3m more than the University of the West of Scotland.

HISA called for changes to the senior management structure to cut costs after Inverness College UHI revealed plans for voluntary redundancies to save PS800,000 next year.

Association president Alan Simpson said the move is "just the start of job losses that we believe will become endemic across the university, unless swift action is taken".

"The University of the Highlands and Islands Partnership is currently spending a significant amount more on senior management pay than any other institution in Scotland," he said.

"Savings need to be made and the university can do so by using the strength of the partnership to share resources and services."

A university spokeswoman said HISA's figure is an aggregated total of 14 senior management teams across the institution and its colleges and not comparable to the other universities. It covers the largest geographical area of any campusbased university or college in Scotland and has the largest student population.

"Savings need to be made and the university can do so"

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Publication:The Press and Journal (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 29, 2020
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