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Students' participation in politics for regional development work.

Byline: Qazi Qadeer

The student is an important member of society. He knows everything about his society and tries to improve it. A student cannot do anything alone, but he identifies his or her administration and institutions through pens, meetings, and suggests the solutions to regional problems.

The people of Gwarkop are talking about their basic problems. They are deprived of each and every problem and they are far behind in today's world, where all the basic things of life are uncreated. The people of Gwarkop are having multiple and numbers of issues like roads problem, water problem, health problem, education problem, electricity problem and many others problems but the town leaders are still unaware about these problems and ministers are also lacking attention toward of these hazardous issues.

There is also the issue of road. Turbat city or Hoshap city hasn't been so far from us but due to lack of road, we have to travel for three, three or four, four hours.

In case of emergency, people are facing a lot of trouble.

The same is true of education and health problems are countless. There is a shortage of teachers and doctors. Most of the employees are not able to perform their duties due to lack of demanded facilities or due to political influence or weaknesses of the institutions.

Owing to the lack of, communication system, the inhabitants of Gwarkop and their kith and kins are in hot water. There are only two Zong towers in the entire Gwrkop where the solar plates and batteries are imminent to die, which means there is no network.

Amid the Unavailability of the network, a number of problems are being emerged and faced a lot of issues by the residents of Gwarkop. They are the only people of 20 century where they are living like in the 15 century and that is why the rest of the shoddy and unconscionable leaders.

The people who are in borderline and having inferior level and not sanguine because of such kinds of emerging problems day by day and regularly.

in the past, if the leaders of our region are ignorant, old and uneducated, then there will be no development works in our region and we will be left behind.

It is the responsibility of the students to take part in politics as well as their education and to fulfil their responsibilities in the best possible way in collaboration with the national institutions regarding development works. This time our Minister Zahoor Sahib is also a sincere, honest and well-mannered man who has good wishes from our area Gorkop who will surely do something out of pity for our poor plight. But our youth have to cooperate with it.

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Author:Qazi Qadeer
Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 28, 2021
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