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Studentification nearly over; YOUR SHOUT.

RE: your story Councillor calls for purpose-built student 'ghettos' (June 25) Dominic Robinson really should take more interest in the area.

I don't know why he is concerned about a student ghetto. Parts of Jesmond and Heaton have already been turned into student ghettos by the activities of his members and other landlords, as other residents have been forced to flee those streets.

The noise and disruption caused by their student tenants and the squalor and dilapidation of the housing (which are the responsibility of the landlords ) are facts that the councillors, representing local inhabitants, are trying to address.

Ron Armstrong and the other councillors are to be congratulated as they try to redress the current situation, create balanced communities and make the universities and landlords take some responsibility for the problems in the the affected areas that are a result of their activities.

Students will benefit from appropriately priced accommodation, built and maintained to acceptable standards with convenient access to student facilities when the custom housing has been built..

Mr Robinson need not worry about Jesmond and similar areas. Once the councillors have succeeded in addressing the problem of the existing student ghettos, long-term residents who wish to live in the area and contribute to the community will return and disastrous economic and social effects of studentification will be reversed.

P COOPER Jesmond Via e-mail
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2009
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