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Student of change.

There are a lot of things I don't have in common with Shirley MacLaine. I can't sing, for example. I also can't dance or act worth a lick. And, unless you had asked my mom a good while back, there's not a person around who would have ever said I was half as cute. But, OK, there is one thing: Neither of us makes New Year's resolutions. Why? "I know I'm not going to keep them," she says. (My thoughts exactly!)

MacLaine, who calls herself "a student of change," clearly doesn't like to be pinned down--not even by her own promises.

We caught up with the iconic actress just as she had finished taping season three of the award-winning British import, Downton Abbey (premiering January 6 on PBS). She is at turns charming, insightful, and hilarious as she dissects everything from paparazzi to yoga to her own reputation. See our story on page 36.

Speaking of change, we've made a few alterations to the look and feel of the Post. Our mission was to renew the magazine--without losing our vital connection to the past. Rockwell lovers and those who remember the great Post of old will love a new section called 'The Vault," page 87, in which we bring gems from the archive to light. Those who have long come to us for the latest wellness information will find it in "Your Health," page 67. We also deliver timely info on tech, travel, food, and money--plus games, jokes, and more cartoons than ever--all this in a spiffed up package. Notice the new logo? It's actually an update of a design that was used here in the 1940s.

This issue also features the winning short stories from our first Great American Fiction Contest. Close to 250 pieces were submitted, and it was darn hard to choose a winner. First prize goes to "Wolf" by Lucy Jane Bledsoe. Read it (page 60) to experience the call of the wild firsthand.

Steven Slon

Editorial Director and Associate Publisher

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Title Annotation:Editor's Letter
Author:Slon, Steven
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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