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Student card doubles as ATM card.

Polytechnic of Namibia's students will now be able to use their student cards as an affordable transactional account and will be able to receive cash back on prenegotiated discounts at participating stores.

Each student will be issued with a student card as an additional proof of registration, which can be used on campus to gain access to buildings, tests and examinations as well as pay for hostel meals.

The new card is also a loyalty-based product that rewards the user through usage and also works as a savings- and transaction card.

Money is loaded onto a student card and the card can be used to withdraw cash at Bank Windhoek ATMs or pay with the card at Bank Windhoek POS devices or Nam-mic POS devices at participating stores.

"The Student Card compliments Nam-mic Payment Solutions strategy to bring a cost effective and viable, nondiscriminatory financial payment instrument into the financial market that is accessible to all Namibians. The above is also in line with the Polytechnic of Namibia's mission of providing opportunities to its constituents for innovation and service," said Abri Krige, Operations Executive of the Nam-mic Payment Solutions.

Prof. Tjama Tjivikua said in an effort to bring more relevant and efficient services to the students, the collaboration between Nam-mic Payment Solutions and the Polytechnic renders a wonderful opportunity and a common goal to provide quality services to students.


"The student cards to be issued by the Polytechnic in collaboration with Nam-mic Payment Solution will offer the usual benefits and rights such as form of identification for access to the Polytechnic facilities at the Windhoek Campus and Regional Centres and also specific access to library services examinations, hostel facilities and meals," he said.

The student card is also a discount card, offering special savings at stores for students for groceries, accommodation, taxis, fuel, clothing, stationery and airtime. Each time a student uses his/her card at participating stores they will get a discount which is deposited into their account at the beginning of each month.

Caption: (From left to right) Walter Don, CEO: Nam-mic Financial Solution Holdings and Prof: Tjama Tjivikua, Rector of Polytechnic of Namibia at the launch of the new student card with a functionality of a low-cost transactional account. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

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Author:Khobetsi, Lorato
Publication:Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)
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Date:Dec 6, 2013
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