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Student art around the world.

The winners of Pentel's 21st annual International Children's Exhibition (ICAE) were announced earlier this year. Students - ages five to fifteen, from sixty-nine countries - submitted their artwork to be judged in Osaka, Japan. The judges of this multicultural event consisted of representatives from the Foundation for Art Education in Japan, the Nippon Television Network Cultural Society and art professors and ambassadors from each participating country.

Mark Welfrey. ICAE coordinator for Pentel of America, describes the exhibition as follows: "The art contest and exhibition create a forum for communication... Children, parents and teachers around the world can speak to each other through the language of art."

The Foreign Minister's Award, the highest honor awarded by the judges, was received this year by Nicole Ryan, at twelve-year-old from Pembroke Massachusetts, for her tempera painting My Town Pembroke. "My house, the library, the town hall and St. Thelcas Church are my favorite buildings in Pembroke, so I decided to draw them," explains Nicole. "I also drew my dogs, as a memory to the one that died, and my dad driving the wrong way down the street."

Each year, the winning entries are assembled in several exhibitions for an around-the-world tour. The U.S. exhibition began in September. The following is a listing of the remaining U.S. exhibit sites.
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