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Struggling for peace in Afghanistan.

Byline: AAKASH RAHPOTO-Hyderabad.

Several news outlets have now reported that peace in Afghanistan is still under the pall of uncertainty. Taliban's growing military grip in Afghanistan is a threat to maintaining peace in the region. The US Taliban Doha agreement was about to hold peace and prosperity in Afghanistan, but the Taliban's speeding military control unveils that peace in Afghanistan is still far-way.

President Biden expressed that American military withdrawal is near to completion in his end of mission address, after which the Taliban are claiming 85% control of the country. Taliban are likely to overrun the country without having intra-Afghan talks which is the loss of base operations in Pakistan. Neighbouring countries have tried to convince Taliban to maintain the status quo and come to negotiate with Afghanistan government in order to secure peace and the national interest of the country. Intra-Afghan dialogue is not only crucial for neighbors such as Pakistan and Iran but for the political future of country that can end misunderstandings of both parties. As usual, Pakistan's duty is to play a supportive role in the negotiations between two sides. Its prominent role is to avoid civil war in the country and on the other hand, it has to bear the brunt of refugee wave as it is already hosting millions of Afghan refugees on its soil for the past four decades.

Furthermore, if the Afghan government fails In bringing effective central authority, neighbouring countries will be major targets for terrorist groups which will lead states in chaos. It is high time for regional states to push Afghanistan factions toward peace. Thus, Iran and Pakistan should play proactive role to ensure the country does not set foot in full fledged civil war moment when Nato forces complete their withdrawal.

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Author:AAKASH RAHPOTO-Hyderabad.
Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9AFGH
Date:Aug 18, 2021
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