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Struggle gives strength.

Mamie Air's story ("Dancer vs. Doctor," Dec. 2006) was really moving. I stopped dancing because of an injury and I didn't have support from my parents and wasn't strong enough to fight my way back alone. Ballet is still a part of me. The way I walk, sit, dress, or do my hair--everything says "ballet." When Mamie said, "A dancer is first and foremost one in the heart," I felt like she was reading my mind.

Jenn Haren

New York, NY

Thank you for "Dancer vs. Doctor." Over the past few years I have struggled with minor health problems that have affected my dancing. It was uplifting to know that someone out there is struggling, too.

Alyssa Applequist

New Sewickley, PA

Mamie Air explained so eloquently what so many injured dancers have experienced when going to a traditional medical practitioner. I was once told to stop dancing, and I almost passed out in the doctor's office. Too many times dancers are left to fend for themselves. A mixture of traditional and alternative therapies can leave a dancer with an injury more hopeful about returning to dance.

Janet Collard

Oakland, CA
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Collard, Janet
Publication:Dance Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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