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Structural steel primer.

For addressing corrosion on structural steel components, the Tnemec Company, Inc. has introduced Series 394 PerimePrime, a one-component, moisturecured, micaceous iron oxide, zinc-filled perimeter steel primer. It offers triple corrosion protection--the first barrier is a moisture-cured urethane film, the second layer uses MIO inside the urethane to create a platelet barrier, with the final layer of protection being an oxidation process that causes the zinc to fill any voids the vapor used to infiltrate. It meets the American Institute of Steel Construction requirements for class B certification over SSPC-SP3 prepared steel and is the first primer to receive UL Classification (UL 263/ASTM E 119) for use under select fireproofing materials. For more details, contact: 800.863.6321,

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Title Annotation:New Products
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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