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Structural renovation and restoration of venus grotto.

Prior Information Notice: Structural renovation and restoration of venus grotto.

Schloss Linderhof estate, renovation and restoration of Venus Grotto in Linderhof with addition of a functional building. The Venus grotto in the park of Schloss Linderhof was built in 1876/77 and is a replica of a cave. The visible inside the cave wire plaster shell is partially severely damaged, high humidity and water penetration promote the decay process. To counter this are planned various rehabilitation and restoration measures, the construction of an underground barrier wall, north of Venus grotto, and the renewal of the toilet cultivation. The existing roof should be discontinued and the Venus grotto are covered, including cultivation with a green roof. Gross area of cultivation: 200 mA, Area Venus Rottenberg: 1 640 mA, Area Wire plaster shell 3 500 mA, Total modeled in caves inside: 5 200 mA, surface roofing green roof Around 2 000 mA. The property is located in the heritage and a conservation castle park of Schloss Linderhof. Close coordination with the Environmental supervision is required.

This contract is divided into lots: yes

Scheduled date for start of award procedures and duration of the contract: Scheduled date for

start of works: 15.6.2015

completion of works: 1.11.2022

Tender documents : T25559996.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 21, 2015
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