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Structural proteomics and its impact on the life sciences.


Structural proteomics and its impact on the life sciences.

Ed. by Joel L. Sussman and Israel Silman.

World Scientific


600 pages




Considering how new and dynamic the field is, this collection of procedures and overviews necessarily includes references and resources online that readers can use to keep informed on the latest developments. Thirty-nine articles describe protein target selection, bioinformatic approaches, and data management, with an overview and papers on such topics as a general target selection method for crystallographic proteomics, data deposition and annotation at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank, and prediction of protein disorder; protein production, with a range of papers including such topics as automated recombinant protein expression screening in e. coli, cell-free protein synthesis for analysis by NMR spectroscopy and structural proteomics of membrane proteins; biophysical and functional characterization of proteins, including a methods for protein characterization by mass spectrometry and thermal shift assay as well as multi-angle or static light scattering; structural characterization of proteins; and structural proteomics initiatives overviews.

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