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Structural deconstruction nears for 130 Liberty Street.

In another month, scaffolding installation will be complete at the former Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty St., with structural deconstruction scheduled to begin in the spring of this year.

According to the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation work progress report, the installation of the exterior scaffolding has been completed. The north and south hoists have also been installed.

Bovis Lend Lease, the general contractor, has hired John Gait Corporation as the abatement and deconstruction subcontractor. Required notifications for the abatement have been submitted to the New York State Department of Labor, New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Abatement and removal of materials from the building is expected to begin late this week. In the meantime, preparatory work for the abatement, which includes bringing necessary equipment and materials to the site, constructing decontamination systems for the workers, equipment and materials and installing negative air pressure containments, has begun on March 9th.

In December. LMDC announced that it would be working with the Battery Park City/Downtown Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to further enhance the safety and communication efforts. Since then, the LMDC has been working with the CERT to create detailed plans regarding their involvement in the project. The CERT has already trained 50 new members as a result of funding provided by LMDC and plans to start another class in the coming weeks. These additional members will enable the CERT to assist in the following ways:

The CERT will provide information to the community about the project, including setting up tables in the area around 130 Liberty St. to distribute information and answer questions on a regular basis.

CERT team members living or working in the 130 Liberty St. area will receive radios that provide direct communication to CERT leadership. In the event of an emergency, the CERT will be contacted immediately by LMDC and the CERT team members will help spread information and directions through their buildings and other buildings in the area.

Buildings in the 130 Liberty St. area that do not have a CERT team member can register a building representative with the CERT. The building representative will be contacted in the event of an emergency to provide information and directions.

To register your building, or to find out about joining the CERT, please email
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Title Annotation:Deutsche Bank building destruction contract for Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:Mar 29, 2006
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