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Stroud, Jonathan. Ptolemy's Gate.

STROUD, Jonathan. Ptolemy's gate. (The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book Three.) Hyperion, Miramax. 501p. c2006. 0-7868-1861-1. $17.95. SA*

Fans of Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy will not be disappointed by this third and final book. It is three years after The Golem's Eye, and Nathaniel is now 17 and more ruthless than ever. Bearing the brunt of his master's ambition is Bartimaeus, who has been trapped in the earthly realm far too long. Without the reviving respite of The Other Place, Bartimaeus's essence has become dangerously depleted. Yet Nathaniel obsessively continues to send the djinni in search of those who plot rebellion against the British Empire. Amongst the rebels is the commoner, Kitty Jones. Despite the danger, she has remained in London, determined to learn all that she can about the magicians and the demons they are able to summon. Unfortunately, there is also a plot brewing within the government. The magicians' vanity coupled with their unquenchable lust for power will lead them to a course of action that will endanger everyone. To save London, Nathaniel must put aside his pride and establish a partnership with Bartimaeus that will require trust if it is to succeed.

Bartimaeus's essence may be weakened, but his delightfully witty comments still liberally pepper the narrative, making this book a joy to read. Ptolemy's Gate decisively completes the tale that began with The Amulet of Samarkand. Everything that happens is completely logical, based upon the events that came before, and still there are wonderfully unexpected moments. There are no neat endings. Everyone suffers loss whether unwillingly or through deliberate sacrifice. Vet the ending is appropriate, and it is not by any means disappointing. Fantasy fans who have not yet picked up this series should do so at once. They are in for a treat! This book is a must purchase for any collection. Heather Lisowski, YA Libn., Castle Rock, CO
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Author:Lisowski, Heather
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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