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Strollin' solo ... ... or so low? Desperate to be dating, or single and satisfied? Take our quiz to find out if your solo status is getting you down or givin' ya reason to live it up!

Singles Awareness Day--we mean Valentine's Day--is right around the corner. Love is in the air, the streets are paved with chocolate, and you're seeing hearts ... if you have a Valentine, that is. If you're part of the majority, the single majority, Feb. 14 is just another day. But you're cool with that--aren't you?

1 According to your BFF, all her cousin Tom likes to talk about is his new Xbox 360. You make a beeline for him at her Super Bowl party because ... A) he's the only boy there. Plus, you've always joked with your best friend about marrying into each other's families. B) she never bothered to mention his cute curly hair and perfect biceps. Might as well chat him up. C) you wanna know where he scored that slab of chocolate-fudge cake.

2 Your new Nano holds 1,000 songs, but most of them are chillin' because you've got which song on repeat? A) Ashlee's "Boyfriend." You can relate--all the girls accuse you of flirting with their BFs. B) "We Belong Together" by Mariah. You like to think true love can survive trials. C) "Sugar, We're Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy, since you play a mean air guitar.

3 It's Valentine's Day and you're, well, dateless. How do you spend the evening? A) Drown your sorrows in a truckload of Snicker's bars and sappy movies with your equally mournful BFF. B) So you don't have a date, but you do know a few cuties who are gonna find Valentines in their lockers courtesy of Yours Truly. C) Party at your pad! Why wallow when you can hang with your girls?

4 The last time you had a boyfriend was ... A) not since you and Steven broke it off at precisely 5:13 p.m. on Nov. 17, 2005. B) eh, sometime last year. C) never. You've dated a few guys but haven't had a serious BF.

5 There aren't any guys at your school who really turn your head, but that's OK because ... A) you've already decided to switch schools next year unless some hotties relocate to your side of town. B) there are more than enough crush-worthy guys in your church's youth group. C) the crew you hang with is chill enough to make any school cool.

6 Cupid must have nailed you with one of those darned arrows because, lately, you can't stop crushin' on ... A) the cutie in chess club, your older brother's best bud, your math tutor, the dude who works the Taco Bell drive-thru, Adam Brody ... B) that new guy in Spanish class. No way are you the only one who's noticed his uncanny resemblance to Jesse. C) ... OK, so you've had a crush on your best guy friend for, like, ever. But you're down with being friends for now. Mostly.

7 Your away messages and profiles are famous for ... A) their kissy-face love-song lyrics and quotes from chick flicks. B) a few favorite one-liners and your My Space link. C) a shout-out to your crew.

8 You're almost pos that Tanner, a guy who makes you crack up and lovesick all at the same time, is diggin' your gravy. How can you tell? A) He said, "Excuse me," when you were standing in front of his locker. B) He got his friend Andy to ask your BFF Drew to IM your gal Emily to find out if you were single. Um, yeah, you are. C) He told you he was diggin' your gravy.

9 You'd rather miss prom than Gilmore Girls. Every week, you just can't get over ... A) how hot Logan is. B) the gossip your BFF spills during commercial breaks. C) the show's incredibly witty banter--your goal is to come off as smart and directed as Rory.

10 In the a.m., your morn asks you to pick up your little bro from a sleep-over across the street, but you're sporting your Tweety PJs. You ... A) tell Morn to chill. You need to pick out the perfect picking-up-the-tot outfit. Ya never know who'll be cruisin' the sidewalk. B) pull on some jeans and a tee, and rock the messy-ponytail look. C) grab some sneaks and a jacket--you'll be back in a flash.

Mostly A's Desperation Diva

Sheez! You'd rather have a BF than oxygen (OK take a deep breath now). Though flying solo may seem like its not an option make the most of your single status. Instead of winking at anything that moves, wait until you come across a guy who makes your heart skip a beat.

Rethink it You feel like you re sending "single and ready to mingle" vibes, but your constant availability and non-stop flirting can make you look (gulp) desperate, which is a turn-off to guys. Besides, it won't hurt to break from the boyhunt to hang with your girls. Remember them?

Mostly B's On-the-prowl Hal

You might have a crush you wouldn't mind moving up to BF status but no worries. You know things will work out one way or another. You don't sweat being single since you have plenty of guy pals and, for you, walking the line between friendship and flirting is a fine art. Your eyes are wide open, but boys aren't the only thing in your field of vision. Amp it up Beware of being the girl who's "one of the guys." It may be your style to play it cool, but don't lay so low that you miss signals from potential love interests. Otherwise, you'll always be the girl friend and never the girlfriend.

Mostly C's Go-solo Sistah

If you had the cpp, you would become the officia! spokesperson for single gals everywhere. You completely get that having a boyfriend doesn't buy instant bliss. It'll take a very special someone to motivate you to hop on the love train.

Keep it real We applaud your "who needs a boy?" mindset, but be sure your single-and-satisfied stance is more confident-cool than totally unapproachable. You may not be dying to date, but leave a little room for access just in case a nice guy does enter your life. Also, be patient with crushk crazy pals. No need to judge.
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