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Stroke victim claims a brain scan shows the image of Jesus.

A woman who suffered a stroke claimed she saw the bearded image of Jesus in a brain scan.

Jennifer Lougee Mingramm from Mexico City suffered a stroke while being treated for double-lung failure.

In a report from the Daily Mail, the woman claimed that she and her husband, Tamaha MacDonald, were browsing a series of x-rays and scans when they saw the face of Jesus within one of the images.

The report noted that Mr. MacDonald believed that the said image was "a sign" and that it represented a miracle.

However, medics claimed that the couple could be suffering from pareidolia, a condition where people see the image of Jesus in ordinary household stuff or food.

The report added that Ms. Mingramm had suffered her stroke while she was still undergoing therapy with steroids, in order to keep her lungs open.

The lady was suffering from alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency. This, in turn, could cause emphysema, cirrhosis of the liver and heart damage.

Experts had given her a 20% chance of survival following her stroke in 2013.

Ms. Mingramm currently needs an oxygen machine. Her condition requires a mobile supply whenever she leaves home.

The only treatment that can aid her condition is a double lung transplant.

The couple would have to travel to the United States for the said surgery. But they must first raise $1 million for her initial surgery and another year of post-operative care.


Photo by Daily Mail

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Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Sep 23, 2015
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