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Stroh supports super-premium Augsburger with off-beat advertising campaign.

A new advertising campaign that employs sarcastic humor has been developed for the Stroh Brewery Co.'s Augsburger beer. The new campaign includes radio, billboards and point-of-sale with caricatures in bold colors, said Victor Dzenowagis, brand director for Augsburger.

"This new ad campaign is designed to appeal to a special group of consumers, ages 21-34, who are savvy, have a somewhat cynical sense of humor and great appreciation for a fine-crafted beer like Augsburger," Dzenowagis said.

The campaign features three 60-second radio spots that will air in St. Paul, MN; Austin, TX and Chicago, IL. According to Dzenowagis, the radio spots spoof traditional beer marketing, and incorporate music, including a pop ballad, a country music take-off and a rock blues rendition.

"We set out to create our own Augsburger world." said Chris Copp, supervisor at Falon, McElligot, the agency that created the campaign. "We realized that we were targeting a sophisticated group that would appreciate this type of humor."

According to Stroh spokespersons, the campaign complements an overall marketing plan designed to boost Augsburger sales. The brand, which has received some critical acclaim, has been repackaged in brown long-neck bottles. "The packaging conversion was designed to be eye-catching in order to attract consumers who traditionally drink imports, super-premiums or microbrewed specialty beers," said Dzenowagis.

The Augsburger Golden, Dark and Bock brands are brewed at the Stroh Brewery Co.'s St. Paul brewery and are available in 38 states.
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 10, 1993
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