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Stroh plant staff ready for Coors transition period.

Stroh plant staff ready for Coors transition period

Although Coors Brewing Co. is not scheduled to assume control of its recently-purchased Stroh Brewery Co. plant in Memphis, TN, the majority of the plant's 367 hourly workers have already begun taking extended layoffs, not returning to work until spring of 1991.

Additionally, Coors has hired 39 salaried, nonunion Stroh employees, according to Norman Kuhl, plant manager.

Stroh's part of the brewing story in Memphis came to an end last week as the company shut down production and began removing leased equipment from the facility. Coors will begin the process of retrofitting the plant beginning in April, including refitting the packaging lines to fit Coors cans and bottles, and testing the brewing equipment.

The layoff will affect 275 production workers, 49 mechanics, 28 electricians, and 15 operating engineers. According to a local source, workers are expected to collect up to $160 per week in employment benefits, with an addition, under a contract with the Teamsters union, being added by Stroh to bring the weekly total up to $300. Coors has agreed to honor the contract agreement which expires June 1, 1991.
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Title Annotation:Memphis, Tennessee brewery layoffs; Stroh Brewery Co., Adolph Coors Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 20, 1990
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