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Stroh initiates second phase of advertising venture.

Stroh initiates second phase of advertising venture

The second phase of Stroh's new advertising campaign is scheduled to begin soon with the debut of five radio commercials.

The five 60-second radio spots will reportedly set a new tone in the beer category by reflecting the fire-brewed beers' family brewing tradition spanning 200 years. Images conjured up from five countries--British Isles, Belgium, Germany, Australia and Norway--are used to compare their time-proven and most favorite, foreign beers to America's unique fire-brewed offering, Stroh's.

"The radio campaign debuts prior to the television campaign to introduce a new tone that we are establishing and to ignite the curiosity of the consumer as they await the new television creative," says William Henry, Stroh vice president of marketing planning. "Our commercials reflect the pride we have in our family brewing tradition and differentiates our product from the advertising that is typically created by beer companies. We believe we offer an alternative that the beer drinker will appreciate."

Actor Richard Widmark narrates the radio spots created by Hal Riney & Partners.

According to Henry, the first phase of the campaign which introduced Stroh's and Stroh's Light new packaging design, was successful in announcing the arrival of the new package. The television and print campaign was used for a three-month period.

"Our customers are now aware of the package change and we are ready to begin the second phase of the campaign as we continue developing Stroh's premium beer image," Henry added. "The radio spots will peak the interest of our consumers and increase awareness for the Stroh's brand."

The television creative scheduled for an August debut will not be identical to the radio spots, although the characteristic of Stroh's as a family-brewed beer will continue to be featured, the company reported.
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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