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Stroh buys Alfa-Laval CentriTherms.

With consumption of non-alcoholic malt beverages increasing 300 percent over the past three years, equipment that can produce a quality brew is a must in the industry. For its Old Milwaukee NA, the Stroh Brewery Co. utilizes the Alfa-Laval CentriTherm.

Stroh purchased its first CentriTherm in 1989 for production of its non-alcoholic offering, and recently ordered two more of the large-capacity evaporators, according to brewery officials.

"The CentriTherm approach permits the brew to retain its full taste," said Gordon Olsson, beverage manager of Alfa-Laval. "Tasters say non-alcoholic malt beverages produced in this manner yield a richer, more full-bodied product."

According to Raymond Klimovitz, Stroh's director of brewing development, "the CentriTherm has also simplified our processing, since Old Milwaukee NA can be produced at the end of the regular beer's cycle."

Of the two units recently purchased by the brewer, one is currently operating in its Winston-Salem, NC, facility. The other will be installed at a still undisclosed site in spring 1992.
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 6, 1992
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