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Stroh Foods, Inc. offers new fruit juice.

Stroh Foods, Inc. offers new fruit juice

Stroh Foods, Inc. will soon be offering consumers a beverage consisting of 100 percent natural ingredients and real fruit juice. The new product, Beach Club Fruit Juice Seltzer, will be available in several cities this month.

Beach Club is a unique seltzer in that it contains real fruit juices. The ingredients are water, natural high frutose corn sweetner, concentrated fruit juice, natural flavors and natural coloring. It will be available in six natural fruit flavors--passion fruit-pineapple, cranberry, peach, kiwi & citrus, black currant & berry and raspberry.

The packaging will be as contemporary as the flavors, with Beach Club being introduced in premium four-packs of 10-oz. glass bottles as well as 23-oz. glass bottles.

Beach Club will be launched in Tampa, Orlando, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. A television advertising campaign, local promotions and in-store sampling will support the introduction.

"We are excited about this new introduction," said Stroh Foods President John Bissell. "Stroh Foods has had previous success with launching products in the new age beverage category, including Sundance Natural Juice Sparklers.

"We believe we can repeat this success with a premium seltzer product," Bissell stated. "Consumers are still seeking beverages with all natural ingredients and exotic fruit flavors."

The new brand will be positioned as a "Fruit Juice Seltzer" and four-packs will be available at a targeted retail price of $2.29. Twenty-three ounce bottles will be targeted at $1.19 per bottle.

PHOTO : BEACH CLUB Fruit Juice Seltzer will soon be made available in Tampa, Orlando and

PHOTO : Minneapolis/St. Paul. This Stroh Food product is all natural and comes in six

PHOTO : flavors--passion fruit-pineapple, cranberry, peach, kiwi & citrus, black currant & berry,

PHOTO : and raspberry.
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Title Annotation:Beach Club Fruit Juice Seltzer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 3, 1989
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