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Stroh Brewery Co. airs new television advertisements.

Stroh Brewery Co. airs new television advertisements

The Stroh Brewery Co. has launched brand new ad campaigns for several of its product brands. In the first, Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, Daniel Ortega and Wojciech Jaruzelski use their political platforms to pitch Stroh's Light fire-brewed beer.

Footage of the well-known politicians has been dubbed over in a new and humorous advertising camaign for Stroh's Light which aired October 1 in select test markets. The four 30-second spots were created by Hal Riney & Partners of San Francisco.

According to Peter Cline, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Stroh Brewery Co., the new campaign reaches the young adult beer consumer through its use of humor.

"The campaign is designed to provide high awareness among the light beer target audience," Cline said. "We selected these individuals based on the fact that they are located in regions where Stroh's Light can't be found and yet they know of its great taste through our tongue-in-cheek dialogue."

The initial consumer and retailer response to the new Stroh's Light advertising has been positive, Cline said, noting that "consumers are anxiously waiting to see which country and political leader will next find Stroh's Light."

The Stroh's Light commercials follow the recent introduction of the "Stroh's talk about Stroh's" campaign which Riney produced to highlight the German heritage of Stroh's flagship brand. Cline noted the Stroh's Light campaign uses the line "not the same as the other beers" to continue the theme of the primary Stroh's beer campaign.

"The combination of Stroh's Light new packaging and new nonreturnable longneck bottles are having a positive impact on young adult light beer consumers," Cline said. "This new advertising will continue the positive sales momentum."

In another Stroh-related campaign, a hidden beach on a warm summer night is a great location for enjoying the taste of Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light as shown in the newest execution of the brands' advertising promotion.

"Beaches," debuted October 3 on network television during the baseball league championship series and will continue to air on late night television and scheduled spot television.

"This new spot addresses the important young adult market, which, when complemented with our current "Great Locations" campaign, will build the Old Milwaukee and Old Milwaukee Light business," said Liz Schubiner, brand manager, Old Milwaukee.

PHOTO : INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL - Delegates from Burlington, VT's sister-city in Russia's upper Volga visited the Vermont Pub & Brewery recently to enjoy the brewpub's beer selections. Pictured (from left to right) touring the brewhouse are: Mayor Volonchunas; high school principal Tatyana Ozereva; Deputy Mayor Alexander Korizin; and brewer Greg Noonan.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 30, 1989
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