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Stroh's spots tell tale of those who will "do anything." (Stroh Brewery Co.'s television commercials)

The Stroh Brewery Co. has introduced two new 60-second television commercials for its Stroh's and Stroh's Light that tell the tale of people "who will do just about anything for a Stroh's."

The spots, "Stakeout," and "Delivery, "employing the theme "It's not just any beer, it's Stroh's," were produced by Hal Riney & Partners of San Francisco. Joe Pytka, known for his direction of the "Bo Knows" commercials for Nike, directed the spots. The ads began airing last week in Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Providence, RI.

"These are the first television ads from Stroh's since the reintroduction of bonus packs," explained Michael Porter, Stroh vice president of marketing. "Our sales momentum is on the upswing and we believe the new ads will continue the growth and popularity that Stroh's is now experiencing. The 60-second commercial format provides Stroh's the opportunity to relate a story about the product's imagery and to reflect the character of its consumer.

"Viewers may find a similarity between these ads and the old Stroh's Beer Lovers' campaign with their sense of humor and friendly style," Porter concluded.

In "Stakeout," a man is wanted by the law for a parking violation and locks himself into his cabin until he is lured out by the prospect of a Stroh's beer. "Delivery," tells of a geologist trapped in the Arctic waiting for his bi-annual shipment of supplies. When faced with the dilemma of choosing one item to be air-dropped during a snowstorm, he chooses Stroh's.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 6, 1992
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