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Stroh's uses family appeal in TV ads to sell product.

Stroh's uses family appeal in TV ads to sell product

Peter W. Stroh, chairman, Stroh Brewery Co., is only one of four Stroh family members to talk about the qualities of fire-brewed Stroh's beer in four new television commercials.

The new campaign breaks away from traditional beer commercials, according to creator Hal Riney, by featuring the voices of Stroh family members, Peter, John II, and John III heard over film footage of the Bavarian countryside in Germany.

"We felt that the advertising campaigns of many other brewers had become essentially look-a-likes and indistinguishable from each other," Peter Stroh said. "At the same time, though, with our family brewing tradition, we can offer an alternative that serious beer lovers will appreciate. Stroh's is now backed up by a campaign which exemplifies our heritage and our commitment to quality which is certain to reinforce our premium image."

The television campaign has a similar musical theme as the recently introduced radio spot and weaves the history of Stroh's through four ads. The first takes the viewer to Germany, the country with the richest beer tradition. Another highlights the German-based roots of the Stroh family, while still another explains that like other unique breweries, Stroh has a commitment to quality and still fire-brews its beer as it did at its conception.

The fourth spot explains that an important part of truly enjoying beer is to find one that is a little different - a beer like Stroh's.

Each commercial tries to employ warm visuals such as an outdoor wedding, a German beer garden and a horse-drawn beer cart, Riney said.

Using the voices of the Stroh family also supports the heritage of fire-brewed Stroh's, vice president William Henry said.
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 21, 1989
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