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Stripper meets John: drag king Mo B. Dick tells what it's like to strip for John Waters in his new film, 'Pecker'.

"Christina Ricci and I sat around between takes swapping stories about our sexual adventures, recalls lesbian performer Maureen Fischer, who plays T-Bone (a dyke stripper with a face like Johnny Cash and a body like Brigitte Bardot) in John Waters's latest flick, The 30-something Fischer--better known as Mo B. Dick, the impresario behind New York's drag-king cabaret Club Casanova--still sounds a little incredulous indie stars like Ricci, Lili Taylor, Brendan Sexton III, Martha Plimpton, and Edward Furlong along with Waters regulars such as Patricia Hearst.

Perhaps Fischer is bemused because Waters never formally offered her the role. "I had seen him out and about at clubs and stuff," Fischer says, "and then he asked me to lunch to interview me for [a piece on drag kings he was writing for] Grand Street magazine. Afterward John handed me a script and said, `You'd be perfect for the role of T-Bone.'

"I loved the script because I've always loved John's movies," Fischer continues. "But when I was called in for a meeting a few weeks later, I was like, `Uh, do I have the part?'"

Fisher did, and what, a role it is. Talk about lesbian visibility: Not only does she have to strip down and show the full monty, but her pubic hair is featured in prominent close-up. "Oh, my God, it was so embarrassing," she says. "The makeup woman actually had to comb me out." But at least Fischer reacted better than another cast member whose fur got groomed. "The opening scene of the movie is two rats having sex," Fischer says with a laugh. "When the hair guy was fluffing one up, it turned ground and bit him."

Che is a contributing editor of Time Out New York.
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Author:Che, Cathay
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Sep 29, 1998
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