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Byline: LARISSA NOLAN, Treasure Island Correspondent

IT'S tribal war on Treasure Island this week as two opposing contestants battle on the beach.

In the Red corner, Ian, 42, hits the roof when he finds out the Blues have stolen their weekly rations.

He storms over to the other side of the island and lets rip with a number of four-letter insults at Blue member Mark, 29.

But Mark gives as good as he gets and the two men end up screaming in each other's faces.

The fight gets so heated that Treasure Island producers have had to cut some parts out for TV.

A Treasure Island insider said: "Ian is absolutely hopping mad at the Blue team for stealing their food. He totally loses it and goes marching over to the other side of the island for a fight.

"This is highly unusual because the two teams have very little contact with each other."

The Blue team get a huge shock when they see Ian making his way over to them.

"They end up shouting and pointing at each other and it almost ends up in a physical brawl."

The fight breaks out when the islanders are carrying out the first part of the weekly task, which leads each team to their rations.

But when the Blues happen to chance upon BOTH their own and the Red team's rations, they decide to take the lot.

The Reds come to the designated spot shortly afterwards and are stunned to realise that their food has been taken by the Blues.

Round One kicks off when he meets with former FCA member Mark and the two sit opposite each other to battle it out.

The rest of the team members sit around in a circle around them in silence as they fight it out.

Then it's Round Two with much finger-jabbing and shouting as the hot-heads vent spleen.

In Round Three, the situation gets so heated that you cannot hear what either of them are saying over the shouting.

"They were using so many swear words that the producers had to cut out large chunks of the battle, because they were unsuitable.

But viewers will have to wait and see which man wins out in the end - and if the Reds get their food.


FACE OFF: Mark, whose Blue team was accused of cheating by the Reds, ended up in a slanging match with Reds' man Ian. The Reds accused the Blues of stealing their rations; MARCH: Reds' man Ian confronted the Blues
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2002
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