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International Megan's Law as Compelled Speech. Genord, Alexandra R. Jun 1, 2020 12410
Unconstitutional Incarceration: Applying Strict Scrutiny to Criminal Sentences. Dudani, Salil May 1, 2020 28518
Bans. Blocher, Joseph Nov 1, 2019 31839
PATENTS AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Burk, Dan L. Nov 1, 2018 28046
Judicial supremacy and taking conflicting rights seriously. Brown, Rebecca L. Apr 1, 2017 10227
Missed the Mark: The Supreme Court of Missouri's faulty application of strict scrutiny to the right to bear arms. Williams, Abigail E. Mar 22, 2017 13082
Scrutinizing "strict scrutiny" judicial review for the right to bear arms. Boyd, Benjamin Mar 22, 2017 24082
Reasonably appropriate and adapted? Assessing proportionality and the 'spectrum' of scrutiny in McCloy v. New South Wales. Watts, Mark Dec 1, 2016 11678
The world of content neutrality: effective approaches to a problematic area of the First Amendment. Burke, Kevin Jun 22, 2016 11635
The canary-blind Constitution: must government ignore racial inequality? Forde-Mazrui, Kim Jun 22, 2016 18404
Image is everything: politics, umpiring, and the judicial myth. Dimino, Michael R. Mar 22, 2016 6242
The standard of review for questions of procedural fairness. McKee, Derek Mar 22, 2016 7740
The standard of review for questions of procedural fairness. McKee, Derek Mar 22, 2016 12898
"Show me" your legal status: a constitutional analysis of Missouri's exclusion of DACA students from postsecondary educational benefits. Pfleger, Britteny Mar 22, 2016 10600
The questionable constitutionality of curtailing cuckolding: 'alienation of affection' and 'criminal conversation' torts. Bruton, H. Hunter Jan 1, 2016 21053
Removing the "silencer": coverage and protection of physician speech under the First Amendment. Weiss, Ryan T. Jan 1, 2016 18196
Constitutional law - Sixth Circuit declared law prohibiting possession of firearms by individuals with history of institutionalization unconstitutional. Rando, Michael A. Case note Jan 1, 2016 6687
State of emergency: an emergency constitution revisited. Crusto, Mitchell F. Author abstract Sep 22, 2015 4633
State of emergency: an emergency constitution revisited. Crusto, Mitchell F. Sep 22, 2015 18083
"Beat your wife, and lose your gun": defending Louisiana's attempts to disarm domestic abusers. Murphree, Patrick D. Sep 22, 2015 21791
Planned Parenthood v. Abbott: evaluating the admitting privileges requirement under the undue burden standard. Phelps, Hope A. Jun 22, 2015 12010
New York's not so "SAFE" Act: the Second Amendment in an 'Alice in Wonderland' world where words have no meaning. Halbrook, Stephen P. Dec 22, 2014 13019
The paths to Griswold. Williams, Ryan C. May 1, 2014 17175
COMITOLOGY: ALIGNMENT OF PROCEDURES. Brief article Feb 26, 2014 125
Giving families their best shot: a law-medicine perspective on the right to religious exemptions from mandatory vaccination. Lu, Hope Mar 22, 2013 19203
Restricting the freedom of contract: a fundamental prohibition. Weber, David P. Jan 1, 2013 7281
Restricting the freedom of contract: a fundamental prohibition. Weber, David P. Jan 1, 2013 19080
Second Amendment standards of review in a Heller world. Lund, Nelson Oct 1, 2012 8107
Constitutional law - subjecting the Commonwealth's adoption of PRWORA's eligibility criteria to strict scrutiny - Finch v. Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, 946 N.E.2d 1262 (Mass. 2011). Howley, Libbie Sep 22, 2012 9165
To defer or not to defer? Deference and its differential impact on First Amendment rights in the Roberts Court. Calvert, Clay; Hayes, Justin B. Sep 22, 2012 17429
Categories, tiers of review, and the roiling sea of free speech doctrine and principle: a methodological critique of United States v. Alvarez. Smolla, Rodney A. Sep 22, 2012 11810
Constitutionalized negligence. Sacks, Deana Pollard Jul 1, 2012 7697
Constitutionalized negligence. Sacks, Deana Pollard Jul 1, 2012 27890
The Stolen Valor Act: why it should be revised to better protect the honor of our Armed Forces. Lumpkin, Robert Mar 22, 2012 8618
Discarding the North Dakota dictum: an argument for strict scrutiny of the three-tier distribution system. Murphy, Amy Mar 1, 2012 13631
Judging judges: why strict scrutiny resolves the circuit split over judicial speech restrictions. Zaheer, Ashna Dec 1, 2011 12367
Truth, lies, and stolen valor: a case for protecting false statements of fact under the First Amendment. Wood, Julia K. Nov 1, 2011 19143
A shot in the dark: why strict scrutiny would miss the mark for felon-in-possession restrictions. Blumberg, Gabriel A. Jun 1, 2011 12485
Deconstructing the body: transgender and intersex identities and sex discrimination - the need for strict scrutiny. Ezie, Chinyere Jan 1, 2011 20839
Through the looking glass and beyond: the future of disparate impact doctrine under Title VIII. Sacher, Lindsey E. Dec 22, 2010 20666
"Ensuring so grave a choice is well informed": the use of abortion informed consent laws to promote state interests in unborn life. Moredock, Kaitlin Dec 1, 2010 13128
Defending the "other" First Amendment freedom: state campaign disclosure laws and the free exercise of religion. Sweeney, Meghan E. Dec 1, 2010 14569
Strict in theory, but accommodating in fact? Varol, Ozan O. Sep 22, 2010 24054
The "clearest command" of the Establishment Clause: denominational preferences, religious liberty, and public scholarships that classify religions. Duncan, Richard F. Sep 22, 2010 10538
Dramatically narrowing RFRA's definition of "substantial burden" in the Ninth Circuit - the vestiges of Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association in Navajo Nation et al. v. United States Forest Service et al. Kelin, Zackeree S.; Schooley, Kimberly Younce Sep 22, 2010 19596
Rebooting Indian law in the Supreme Court. Fletcher, Matthew L.M. Sep 22, 2010 9132
Finding LGBTs a suspect class: assessing the political power of LGBTs as a basis for the court's application of heightened scrutiny. Powers, Courtney A. May 1, 2010 7387
This land is my land: the tension between federal use of public lands and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Key, James E. Mar 22, 2010 24728
Unlocking the power of state constitutions with equal protection: the first step toward education as a federally protected right. Black, Derek W. Mar 1, 2010 30913
Reviving necessity in eminent domain. Bird, Robert C. Jan 1, 2010 17634
Freedom from religion: RLUIPA, religious freedom and representative democracy on trial. Minervini, Anthony Lazzaro Jan 1, 2010 16043
Five is a crowd: a constitutional analysis of the Boston zoning amendment prohibiting more than four college students from living together. Crane, Edward D. Jan 1, 2010 15108
When insiders become outsiders: parental objections to public school sex education programs. Brown, Emily J. Oct 1, 2009 16872
Disappearing without a case - the constitutionality of race-conscious scholarships in higher education. Elson, Alexander S. Jul 1, 2009 24091
Some problems of free exercise doctrine - social good, social harm, and undue burdens: an essay. Day, David S. Jun 22, 2009 6164
"TRAP"ing Roe in Indiana and a common-ground alternative. Johnsen, Dawn May 1, 2009 17029
Conditions on taking the initiative: the First Amendment implications of subject matter restrictions on ballot initiatives. Skiba-Crafts, Anna May 1, 2009 18718
Brandenburg in a time of terror. Healy, Thomas Jan 1, 2009 34320
A narrow path to diversity: the constitutionality of rezoning plans and strategic site selection of schools after Parents Involved. Collis, Steven T. Dec 1, 2008 11160
Antitrust language barriers: First Amendment constraints on defining an antitrust market by a broadcast's language, and its implications for audiences, competition, and democracy. Sandoval, Catherine J.K. Jun 1, 2008 31452
Constitutional law - First Circuit questions correctional facility's blanket ban on inmate preaching. Chase, Rachel S. Mar 22, 2008 4319
Marriage facts. Stewart, Monte Neil Jan 1, 2008 23681
Structuring judicial review of electoral mechanics: explanations and opportunities. Elmendorf, Christopher S. Dec 1, 2007 37466
Scrutinizing the Second Amendment. Winkler, Adam Feb 1, 2007 26106
Fundamentally wrong about fundamental rights. Winkler, Adam Jun 22, 2006 5186
Foreword: "separate but equal" in prison: Johnson v. California and common sense racism. Robertson, James E. Mar 22, 2006 26774
Socio-economic policies. Devine, Michael S. Jan 1, 2006 3308
Korematsu and beyond: Japanese Americans and the origins of strict scrutiny. Robinson, Greg; Robinson, Toni Mar 22, 2005 13463
Connecting the dots: Grutter, school desegregation, and federalism. Parker, Wendy Mar 1, 2004 36103
Prohibiting procreation: a step in the right direction to protect the children of deadbeat dads; an analysis of the court decision in State v. Oakley. Kryszak, Andrea C. Jun 22, 2002 13049

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