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Stress test.

RECENTLY I developed a low technology monitor for measuring what I call the A/G factor (Anxiety/Guilt). It is a series of five questions, each with a score of 0 to 20. When I ask myself the following questions, what degree of anxiety or guilt do I feel?

1 There is a knock at the front door.

2 The telephone rings.

3 I clear the letterbox.

4 I see a police uniform.

5 I am tempted to do a U-turn if I see a booze bus (unit for the random breath-testing of drivers for alcohol).

A total of 0 means you are either a saint or your conscience is shot to pieces.

A total score of 100 is bad news indeed. It means you are a very fearful person or you should change your lifestyle drastically and immediately. And have your blood pressure checked as stroke is a major cause of death.

If those taking the test are honest, the diagnosis will be clear.

from Dennis Mayor, Bendigo, Australia
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Author:Mayor, Dennis
Publication:For A Change
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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