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Strengthening Capacity of Semau Community For Better Environment in Semau Island.

Start Date : 5/2014

End Date : 8/2015

Country : Indonesia

Status : Currently under execution

Project Number : INS/COMDEKS/14/04

Grant Amount : US$ 45,000.00

Area Of Work : Biodiversity

Operational Phase :



Strengthening of community capacity to improvement the environment quality in landscape and seascape


Objective 1 : Increasing the local organization capacity and the actor that supporting the community autonomy

Indikator : 1. Existing 5 the mangrove managing group in 5 villages

2. Existing 5 the sea-grass managing group in 5 villages

3. Existing 5 conserving the land degradation

Activities : 1. The assessment of the actor determination that involved in mangrove, sea-grass, and land degradation

2. The Workshop for the making of vision in community group

3. Conducting the facilitation in each community in 5 villages.

Objective 2 : The environmental conserving in seascape and landscape in 5 villages.

Indicators : 1. Creating one model of land degradation management in 5 villages

2. Conservation of land degradation in landscape around 1 ha and seascape around 5 ha in every villages

3. Existing 3 mangrove refined products in five villages

4. Existing the one agreement & regulation about managing the seascape that conducted by community

5. Existing the one agreement or regulation about landscape management that conducted by community include the forbidden forest (Hutan Marga).

Activities : 1. Conducting 5 times planting workshop and cultivation the refined mangrove product in every villages

2. Environmental Management workshop & land and water conservation & community management training

3. Creating the demonstration plots of land in each village as a pilot. It will be in the field or in the garden area of 5 ha communities through sustainable farming systems approach ( agroforestry models ) to develop a multipurpose plant species that provide ecological and economic impacts .

4. Perform planting plants that are able to live without much water as lamtoro and gamal and cashew in the damaged areas in the village

5. Replanting cleared for plantations with plants capable of producing water as lamtoro and gamal - tree lamtoro 1000 and 1000 as well as 500 - gamal trees cashew trees in the community garden area of 2 ha.

6. Planting mangrove 50,000 saplings in 25 ha of coastal land in five villages (each village as much as 5 ha were planted as saplings with 10.000/ village).

7. Creating mangrove nursery garden at least 2 seeds. The goal as a seed source to answer the need for the cultivation of mangrove seedlings in and the surrounding villages village replication will be next.

8. Conduct community meetings for drafting rules / agreement on replanting cleared land as plantations.

9. Conducting community meetings for the preparation of forest management rules clan.

10. Conduct community meetings with district level policy makers on a stretch of coastal manag

country :Indonesia

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 3, 2014
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