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Challenges in the Interpretation and Application of the Principle of Distinction During Ground Operations in Urban Areas. Neuman, Noam May 1, 2018 9462
MESTA, VALCENI A BEZPECNOST CIVILISTU: Koncepty a praxe bojovych operaci v urbannim prostredi /CITIES, WARFARE AND CIVILIANS' SECURITY: Concepts and Practice of Military Operations on Urban Terrain. Svitkova, Katarina Report Dec 1, 2015 7749
The case for megacities. Felix, Kevin M.; Wong, Frederick D. Mar 22, 2015 6291
The case against megacities. Evans, Michael Mar 22, 2015 5711
Megacities and the US Army. Adamson, William G. Mar 22, 2015 4423
Combat ammo: Wilson's new ammo line is the result of long experience. Sweeney, Patrick Dec 1, 2010 1083
COMBAT THE BIG CHILL. Nov 22, 2010 340
NATO to end combat mission in Afghanistan in stages. Nov 19, 2010 203
Eisai to Provide Medecine to Help WHO Combat Lymphatic Filariasis Epidemic. Nov 18, 2010 1096
IDF's Combat Soldiers to Carry Cameras, Not Just Guns. Nov 17, 2010 738
Bulgarian FM: Balkans EU Integration Vital to Combat Nationalism. Nov 16, 2010 120
17 killed and wounded in Afghanistan combat. Nov 15, 2010 151
Housewives combat Mexico drugs violence. Nov 14, 2010 318
Housewives combat Mexico drugs violence. Nov 13, 2010 318
Stepping up efforts to combat hooliganism. Nov 12, 2010 474
UN appeals for $164 million to combat Haiti cholera. Nov 12, 2010 339
India worlds No 1 combat aircraft buyer. Nov 11, 2010 265
Funding the low-carbon revolution to combat climate change. Nov 10, 2010 1076
Meltzer Joins Forces with Combat Fight League. Nov 9, 2010 359
Turkey buys 9 combat helicopters with 150 mln euros. Nov 9, 2010 213
HATS OFF TO LUCKY HELMETS; Three Ulster soldiers saved in last month by the new Mark 7 combat head gear. Nov 8, 2010 553
Shoura ratifies accord to combat sea piracy. Nov 8, 2010 293
Bright idea to combat disease. Nov 6, 2010 156
CSTO member states urge to cease ineffective tactics of forcing militants out of combat zones in Afghanistan. Nov 5, 2010 152
GYM'LL FIX IT FOR YOUTH; Ex-boxer to combat anti-social behaviour. Nov 4, 2010 379
Sharing to help combat shoplifters. Nov 2, 2010 178
80 Taliban killed in failed attack on NATO combat post in Afghanistan near Pak border. Oct 31, 2010 302
World community admires Pakistans role to combat climate change. Conference notes Oct 31, 2010 431
Russia, US combat drugs in Afghanistan. Oct 29, 2010 144
New Vatican agency to combat 'de-Christianization'. Oct 29, 2010 398
Eggshells could help combat climate change, say Indian scientists. Oct 27, 2010 257
Dover EOD specialist earns awards for combat actions. Losurdo, Marnee A.C. Oct 1, 2010 527
Taking a stand: originators have potentially formidable defenses to combat the surge in repurchase demands. Siegel, Robert M.; Vafa, Yasmin Oct 1, 2010 3838
Eurosatory 2010, novelties galore! Biass, E.H.; Keggler, J.; Valpolini, P. Oct 1, 2010 3455
Transforming aerial transporters: recent military operations have highlighted the usefulness of air logistics in moving personnel and materiel quickly and safely to remote areas in scenarios characterised by rough terrain and hazardous roads. Braybrook, Roy Oct 1, 2010 4154
Mobility: more and more a wheeled business. Valpolini, Paolo Company overview Oct 1, 2010 5375
Programs vs. resources: some options for the Navy. O'Rourke, Ronald Sep 22, 2010 5428
Improved end-of-life cycle management: yesterday's equipment conserving today's dollars. Oaks, David Sep 1, 2010 2196
Planning without guidance: Canadian defence policy and planning, 1993-2004. Hartfiel, Robert Michael Sep 1, 2010 10697
Wilson Combat CQB 1911 and Galco Holster! Jul 1, 2010 322
Servicemembers and veterans with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam war and OIF/OEF conflicts: Survey methods, participants, and summary findings. Reiber, Gayle E.; McFarland, Lynne V.; Hubbard, Sharon; Maynard, Charles; Blough, David K.; Gambel, Jul 1, 2010 14725
Multiple traumatic limb loss: A comparison of Vietnam veterans to OIF/ OEF servicemembers. Dougherty, Paul J.; McFarland, Lynne V.; Smith, Douglas G.; Esquenazi, Alberto; Blake, Donna Jo; Rei Jul 1, 2010 12869
Wheeled mobility: factors influencing mobility and assistive technology in veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam war and OIF/OEF conflicts. Laferrier, Justin Z.; McFarland, Lynne V.; Boninger, Michael L.; Cooper, Rory L.; Reiber, Gayle E. Jul 1, 2010 7709
Quality of life for veterans and servicemembers with major traumatic limb loss from Vietnam and OIF/OEF conflicts. Epstein, Richard A.; Heinemann, Allen W.; McFarland, Lynne V. Jul 1, 2010 9304
Department of Veterans Affairs compensation and medical care benefits accorded to veterans with major limb loss. Maynard, Charles; Flohr, Brad; Guagliardo, Tony A.; Martin, Chris H.; McFarland, Lynne V.; Pruden, J Jul 1, 2010 3203
Influencing the population: using interpreters, conducting KLEs, and executing IO in Afghanistan. Cummings, Michael G. May 1, 2010 4333
Teaching TLPs to Afghan company commanders: Shaping Afghan forces through hands-on mentoring. Park, Maj David H. May 1, 2010 5018
An assault CP in a Stryker BCT: reorganizing the at company into a fighting formation relevant to today's OE. Lzinn, Maj Sam May 1, 2010 3377
A flanking detachment in the mountains. Grau, Lester W. May 1, 2010 2756
Small Secrets of Great Mountains. Grau, Lester W. Travel narrative May 1, 2010 1627
Mountain recon--Russian style. Grau, Lester W. May 1, 2010 2421
Ranger First Responder and the evolution of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. Veliz, Cesar; Montgomery, Harold; Kotwal, Russ May 1, 2010 1619
Clearing the air: airpower theory and contemporary airpower. O'Mara, Raymond P. Company overview Mar 22, 2010 20201
Flight line maintenance: Creech versus McPeak. Lindsay, Ray A. Mar 22, 2010 9776
Integrating air and ground: joint theater distribution system. Anderson, David; Gillaspie, Timothy W. Mar 22, 2010 7980
Potential interfaces: ECSS and flying-hour systems. Strachan, Elise; Flory, John; Bennett, Edward, Jr.; Harken, Richard; Antoline, Anthony Mar 22, 2010 5061
The FNH SCAR: special forces combat assault rifle. Douglas, Dave Cover story Mar 1, 2010 1599
Makin Island completes first CSSQT, Harrier and AAV ops. Webb, Justin L. Feb 1, 2010 779
RAF ends 18 years of combat operations in Iraq. Oct 1, 2009 559
Two battles at once: democracies and urban warfare. Bering, Henrik Essay Oct 1, 2009 6463
Learning the urban fight: as the rest of the patrol waited in the woods and provided cover, a second platoon supported the operation from an area of the woods. Lane, Larry May 1, 2007 464
Building a second-half team: securing cultural expertise for the battlespace. McIntosh, Scott E. Mar 22, 2007 5596
Where the Streets Have No Names: Looking Past Operation Iraqi Freedom to Future Urban Operations. Dalzell, Stephen R. Oct 1, 2006 1852
U.S. Joint Forces Command (July 13, 2005): USJFCOM requests industry's involvement in creating capabilities for joint warfighters. Colaizzi, Jennifer Nov 1, 2005 437
Urban operations: meeting the challenge. Wojdakowski, Walter Nov 1, 2005 736
Marines seek better training, gear for Urban combat. Kennedy, Harold Jul 1, 2005 1525
Army developed urban tactics, but lacked doctrine. Peck, Michael Jul 1, 2005 926
Urban fighting highlights need for smaller weapons. Erwin, Sandra I. Jul 1, 2005 1537
Back to the drawing board: Army rewrites small arms plans. Kennedy, Harold Jul 1, 2005 1451
Urban operations training at the power projection platform "welcome to Al Wadi". McClellan, John C.; Noe, Eric M. Jul 1, 2005 2626
Significant characteristics of the urban environment. Brake, Michael A. Apr 1, 2005 1874
What do we mean by urban dominance? Spears, Michael P. Apr 1, 2005 3526
Urban operations defining the environment. Kem, Jack D. Apr 1, 2005 3074
It's more than urban ... Andrew, Brad Apr 1, 2005 1219
The tactical shotgun in urban operations. Morgan, Ryan J. Nov 1, 2004 2015
Urban battles highlight shortfalls in soldier communications. Erwin, Sandra I. Sep 1, 2004 1055
Special operations forces pursue technologies for the urban fight. Tiron, Roxana Sep 1, 2004 1160
Israeli Defense Forces trying to perfect urban combat tactics, techniques. Tiron, Roxana Aug 1, 2004 563
Geospatial teams. Alston, Gregory T. Apr 1, 2004 522
Urban warfare: will feature articles such as this. Beckum, Alisha; Parker, Shawntay Sep 1, 2003 1508
Determining battlefield effects in an urban environment: MOUT terrain analysis. Ahuja, Alfonso J. Jul 1, 2003 2687
KUWAIT - Oct. 8 - US Marine Killed. Brief Article Oct 12, 2002 552
Boulevards of steel: technology may take some of the uncertainties out of urban warfare. Valenti, Michael Sep 1, 2002 2404
A Curious Void. Lee, Major Mark Aug 1, 2001 3256

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