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Street crimes on rise days before Eid.

ISLAMABAD -- Street crimes have witnessed increase in twincities days before Eid as the residents are concerned with the prevailing insecurity due to criminal incidents at various parts of the cities.

The increasing incidents of street crimes, mobile and purse snatching are the major concern for Pinditees and Islooites and they demand the high authorities to take notice of the situation.

At various areas of Rawalpindi, the residents complained that the muggers were roaming freely in the city and looting the people while concerned police stations were unable to arrest them.

The residents said in late hours, young boys snatch cell phones and cash from people on bikes with no number plate while they travel on main roads but the police do not take the absence of number plate on their bikes seriously.

Mostly the street crime is increasing in the jurisdiction of New Town, Banni and Sadiqabad Police Stations as people visiting Commercial market become victims of these incidents.

Complaining on the same issue, working women consider themselves as victim of such incidents the most, saying that in evening when they come back home from work, they become victim of purse and mobile snatching and obscene remarks by the wanderers on bikes.

Those visiting markets for Eid shopping with cash are the main target of the looters who snatch cell phones and cash from people.

Besides looting Eid shoppers, these criminals also snatch cash and other valuable articles from shops at Iftar time when roads and markets become deserted for almost an hour, said Adeel, a shop owner at a local market.

Our complains registered to police all go in vain when police seems unable to recover our lost precious items and stay silent on the incidents, he said.
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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 17, 2012
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