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Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts.

Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts

J. Brown

Agapy Publishing

1023 Woodberry Ln., Charleston, IL 61920

0972132856 $14.95

Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts: 40 Life Lessons from a Karate Master is a compilation of forty inspirational vignettes of wisdom and experience by author J. Brown, a sixth degree black belt and devout Christian. J. Brown exhorts that self-defense is far more than simply warding off physical attack; it is a life attitude of being mindful of one's own actions to keep oneself out of dangerous situations. Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts addresses not only how the author dealt with bullying and other difficult situations--such as how he defused a potential fight in a seedy bar when he was confronted by a tough guy with seven friends--but also the spiritual dimension of faith in Jesus Christ as protection against the "fatal blow of the devil." "No matter what we do, how good we get, or how hard we try, we will always fall short of the perfection necessary to get into Heaven. Luckily, we have Jesus, the ultimate self-defense master. He came to win the battle over sin and death ... By believing in Jesus and placing our faith in His power, we can be assured of spiritual victory." A profound blend martial arts and Christian insights into dealing with the harsh realities of life, highly recommended.
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Author:Taylor, John
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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