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Street Magic Popularity Not Just an 'Ellusion'.

Television Specials Such as David Blaine's 'Drowned Alive' Help Spike Popularity of Powerful Street Magic

LAS VEGAS, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 8, 2006, David Blaine will perform another breathtaking performance on ABC dubbed "Drowned Alive," bringing another spike to the growing trend of street magic. "The number of people interested in learning the art of street magic is phenomenal," says Brad Christian, president and founder of, the MTV of online magic retailers whose products center on street magic.

The stunt will feature Blaine encased in a large aquarium for seven days -- in addition to an attempt to break the record of holding one's breath underwater. The current record is set at 8 minutes and 58 seconds. Performances like "Drowned Alive" show the extent of what a magician can do: creating a fascination in magic in the general public and the entertainment world.

"When a special like David's runs, our lines start ringing off the hook. From teenagers and college kids to teachers and business people, everyone wants to learn how to do some magic to impress friends and develop a hidden talent," continued Christian. Blaine, who has brought the term "street magic" into the public's vocabulary, is just one of the magicians that has propelled the profession/hobby into thousands of homes across the world.

Other magicians bringing magic to the mainstream include Criss Angel, whose hit television show Mindfreak on A&E has helped popularity soar. Criss Angel's street magic received the highest ratings in A&E history, and they immediately extended Mindfreak to a three-year contract.

"The experience of performing magic for people is indescribable," said creative executive and 18-year-old illusionist Jonathan Bayme. "Once you perform your first trick, you're hooked. The goal of each training product we sell is to make this talent attainable to the average person."

There is no doubt that with the next season of Mindfreak currently being filmed and Blaine's two-hour special airing on May 8, there will be another spike in the popularity of "ellusionists" around the world. Magic is also a surefire tool to give kids confidence in themselves and develop a skill that opens doors and entertains at the same time.

To help with learning, Ellusionist uses an MTV style and mindset to rivet attention. The site offers a powerful product selection that caters to those interested in learning the art of magic from the ground up. teaches the actual tricks David Blaine performs in addition to its own hard-hitting brand of street magic. Ellusionist carries all products by David Blaine including the new Split Spades Playing Cards, the Blaine Fearless DVD, Blaine's book Mysterious Stranger, and full color posters signed and numbered by Blaine.

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