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Street's ahead for magical moments.

TAKE your pick of memorable Coronation Street scenes this week.

It's a veritable treasure trove of magical moments, oh, and I'm getting carried away.

So what's happening? Well, if you're sitting comfortably, I'll begin.

Roy (David Neilson) and Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) are, of course, getting married on Wednesday but Les Battersby (Bruce Jones) is determined to make it a day to remember for all the wrong reasons, barring Toyah (Georgia Taylor) from being bridesmaid, and inviting the local press.

And while the wedding is going on, one Weatherfield resident is sneaking away on a plane to Canada.

Yes, Nick (Adam Rickitt) leaves Leanne (Jane Danson), unable to cope with the fact that his wife, who has had her abortion and lied to her family, isn't too happy and doesn't want to head off to Canada where he'll be at college meeting loads of people, and she'll be, well, in the Canadian equivalent of The Kabin, or at home alone.

But all this is topped by the storyline that's bubbling away and about to boil over - Mike (Johnny Briggs) and Julia (Fiona Allen). After their night of passion, he discovers that her mobile phone is unobtainable, she's not in her flat - and what does greet him when he goes looking for the temptress is not a nice sight at all...

Over on Channel Four, Hollyoaks has Lucy (Kerrie Taylor) and her heroin habit back as a storyline again this week - oh goody, I can hardly wait.

And in Brookside Lindsey's (Claire Sweeney) life is in danger, blah, blah, blah.

Jimmy (Dean Sullivan) has his job back thanks to Karen (Amanda Humphrey). Jason (Vincent Price - I know, but it's true, honest!) and Katrina (Ann- Marie Davies) are engaged to be married this week, but he has some secret that may come out. Do we care? All he ever does is get so angry he turns bright red and foams at the mouth. A more unappealing character I can't think of. Ach, well, okay, I lied. There are seven of them in the Close actually - yep, the Musgroves. But this week Ryan (Sam Hudson) is arrested too - hooray, two down, five to go. They'll be gone yet, I tell you.

Racism rears its ugly head in the Close as well, courtesy of the appalling Ron Dixon (Vince Earl). Well there's an old storyline regurgitated. Brookside, do you have no new ideas at all?

Take a leaf out of Family Affairs' book. They've got a hilarious situation going on at the moment.

Maria (Annie Miles) is still pretending to be pregnant and Serge (David Verrey) still believes her. This week she has headlice - don't ask - and when Serge sees her using the shampoo which is dangerous for pregnant women, he's confused.

Now, EastEnders, and is time running out for Steve (Martin Kemp) and Matthew (Joe Absolom) and their sordid Saskia secret? When Matthew goes to the police station to get the CCTV tape back at the end of a week of hiding out and running away, an inquisitive policeman wants to watch it with him to confirm it belongs to Matthew. As the tape begins to play, it looks like the game's up, boys ...

Also in the Square this week Gianni confesses to his mother that he's finished with a woman but still feels responsible for her. Rosa then tells Louise that Gianni has just broken another girl's heart, not knowing it's Louise's he's cracked in two.

I mean really Louise, poor love, could you not see this coming? It couldn't have been more obvious. Gianni's a bad 'un.

One good thing to happen this week is that Melanie (Tamzin Outhwaite) moves out of Ian's house. She might still be dating him though. And I just don't believe this rubbish. All normal, wimpy looking blokes in the country must be rejoicing, I mean, Cindy (Michelle Collins) wasn't a bad looking woman, and now Mel, too. Just what secret weapon does Ian Beale have hidden away, I wonder?

I know Spider - my dish of the day - isn't an oil painting, but at least he has charisma, personality, a right- on character and, well, good hair. Ian? Oh, don't make me go there ...
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