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Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. Ferraz, Patricia Ferreira Ponciano; Araujo, Gabriel Silva Ferraz; Leso, Lorenzo; Klopcic, Marija; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 10651
Evaluation of the Associative Effects of Rice Straw with Timothy Hay and Corn Grain Using an In Vitro Ruminal Gas Production Technique. Sun, Ling; Lee, Mingyung; Jeon, Seoyoung; Seo, Seongwon Report Feb 1, 2020 6908
Equipping Farrowing Pens with Straw Improves Maternal Behavior and Physiology of Min-Pig Hybrid Sows. Wang, Chao; Han, Qian; Liu, Runze; Ji, Wenbo; Bi, Yanju; Wen, Pengfei; Yi, Ran; Zhao, Peng; Bao, Jun Report Jan 1, 2020 9583
Decomposition dynamics altered by straw removal management in the sugarcane-expansion regions in Brazil. Varanda, Leticia L.; Cherubin, Mauricio R.; Cerri, Carlos E.P. Report Feb 1, 2019 8643
In-vitro evaluation of rice and wheat straw biochars' effect on pyrazosulfuron-ethyl degradation and microbial activity in rice-planted soil. Manna, Suman; Singh, Neera; Singh, Shashi Bala Report Sep 1, 2018 7915
Utilization of Rice Straw (Oryza sativa Linn) Agricultural Waste as Substrate for Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Production Using Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Suardi, Muslim; Hamdani, Annisa Suri; Ariyati, Bertiliyus; Lalfari, Rika Sari; Lutfrian, Dede; Dewi, Report Sep 1, 2018 3507
Effects of feeding different varieties of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) straws with concentrate supplement on feed intake, digestibility, body weight gain and carcass characteristics of Arsi-Bale sheep. Wegi, Teklu; Tolera, Adugna; Wamatu, Jane; Animut, Getachew; Rischkowsky, Barbara Report Aug 1, 2018 6971
Sugar cane straw left in the field during harvest: decomposition dynamics and composition changes. de A. Sousa, Jose G., Jr.; Cherubin, Mauricio R.; Cerri, Carlos E.P.; Cerri, Carlos C.; Feigl, Brigi Report Nov 1, 2017 8426
Statistical optimization of the production of [alpha]-amylase from bacillus licheniformis MTCC 1483 using paddy straw as substrate. Kaur, Palki Sahib; Kaur, Sukhjeet; Kaur, Hardish; Sondhi, Sonica Report Apr 1, 2017 4660
Effect of inclusion of different levels of Leucaena silage on rumen microbial population and microbial protein synthesis in dairy steers fed on rice straw. Nguyen, Thien Truong Giang; Wanapat, Metha; Phesatcha, Kampanat; Kang, Sungchhang Report Feb 1, 2017 4700
Detailed Componential Characterization of Extractable Species with Organic Solvents from Wheat Straw. Lu, Yong-Chao; Lu, Yao; Lu, Zhao-Lin; Wei, Xian-Yong Report Jan 1, 2017 6818
Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time on Anaerobic Digestion of Wheat Straw in the Semicontinuous Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactors. Shi, Xiao-Shuang; Dong, Jian-Jun; Yu, Jun-Hong; Yin, Hua; Hu, Shu-Min; Huang, Shu-Xia; Yuan, Xian-Zh Report Jan 1, 2017 3126
Influences of mold fungi colonization on wheat straw-polypropylene composites. He, Chunxia; Yao, Xuexia; Xue, Jiao; Xiong, Jing; Zhao, Limei Report Nov 1, 2016 5017
Effect of tillage options and straw management on crops productivity and soil fertility in rice-wheat-cropping pattern. Hossaina, Md. Ilias; Hossaina, Md. Israil; Siddquiea, Md. Nur-E-Alam; Haque, Md. Shahidul Report Jul 1, 2016 3889
Influence of wheat straw pelletizing and inclusion rate in dry rolled or steam-flaked corn-based finishing diets on characteristics of digestion for feedlot cattle. Manriquez, O.M.; Montano, M.F.; Calderon, J.F.; Valdez, J.A.; Chirino, J.O.; Gonzalez, V.M.; Salinas Report May 29, 2016 5061
Effects of varying levels of fungal (Arachniotus sp.) treated wheat straw as an ingredient of total mixed ration on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in Nili Ravi buffalo calves. Shahzad, F.; Abdullah, M.; Chaudhry, A.S.; Bhatti, J.A.; Jabbar, M.A.; Ahmed, F.; Mehmood, T.; Asim, Report Mar 1, 2016 4281
Effects of rice straw mulch on the diurnal leaf gaseous exchange and growth development of aerobic rice MRQ74 and MR253. Khalid, Hilyah Mohd; Barakbah, Syed Shahar; Osman, Normaniza Report Aug 1, 2015 4125
Growth performance and nutritional attributes of Pleurotus species grown on rice straw based formulations. Kalaw, Sofronio P.; Albinto, Robin F. Report Aug 1, 2015 6263
Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation and anhydrous ammonia treatment of wheat straw on in-situ degradability and, rumen fermentation and growth performance of yearling lambs. Comert, Muazzez; Sayan, Yilmaz; Ozelcam, Hulya; Baykal, Gulsah Yegenoglu Report May 1, 2015 5907
Effect of straw returning in winter fallow in Chinese rice fields on greenhouse gas emissions: evidence from an incubation study. Wu, Yupeng; Liu, Tian; Peng, Qi'an; Shaaban, Muhammad; Hu, Ronggui Report May 1, 2015 5225
Effects of combination of Rice Straw with alfalfa pellet on milk productivity and chewing activity in lactating dairy cows. Na, Y.J.; Lee, I.H.; Park, S.S.; Lee, S.R. Report Jul 1, 2014 3445
Removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by biochars derived from peanut hull and wheat straw. Saleh, Maher E.; Mahmoud, Amal H.; El-Refaey, Ahmed A. Report Jul 1, 2014 6343
Nutrient digestibility, ruminal fermentation activities, serum parameters and milk production and composition of lactating goats fed diets containing rice straw treated with Pleurotus ostreatus. Kholif, A.E.; Khattab, H.M.; Shewy, A.A. El-; Salem, A.Z.M.; Kholif, A.M.; Sayed, M.M. El-; Gado, H. Report Mar 1, 2014 6306
Rapid preparation of biosorbents with high ion exchange capacity from rice straw and bagasse for removal of heavy metals. Rungrodnimitchai, Supitcha Report Jan 1, 2014 5466
An outbreak of Degnala disease in bovine population and its clinical management. Prasad Singh, Subhash Chandra Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2014 1174
Butyric Acid Fermentation from Rice Straw with Undefined Mixed Culture: Enrichment and Selection of Cellulolytic Butyrate-Producing Microbial Community. Binling Ai; Jianzheng Li; Junling Song; Xue Chi; Jia Meng; Liguo Zhang; Qiaoying Ban Report Dec 31, 2013 5467
Cob construction build with earth & straw: hand-sculpt your custom, mortgage-free home from dirt-cheap local materials. McClellan, Chris Oct 1, 2013 2831
Effects of methylcellulose on fibrolytic bacterial detachment and in vitro degradation of rice straw. Kim, Min Ji; Sung, Ha Guyn; Upadhaya, Santi Devi; Ha, Jong K.; Lee, Sung Sill Report Oct 1, 2013 3882
Variation and correlation of shearing force with feed nutritional characteristics of wheat straw. Cui, X.M.; Yang, Z.B.; Yang, W.R.; Jiang, S.Z.; Zhang, G.G.; Liu, L.; Wu, B.R.; Wang, Z.F. Report Oct 1, 2013 6647
Effects of branched-chain amino acids on in vitro ruminal fermentation of wheat straw. Zhang, Hui Ling; Chen, Yong; Xu, Xiao Li; Yang, Yu Xia Report Mar 22, 2013 4999
Mineral status in cattle fed rice straw and para grass combined with different levels of protein derived from cassava foliage. Sath, K.; Pauly, T.; Holtenius, K. Report Jan 1, 2013 4452
The performance of polypropylene wood-plastic composites with different rice straw contents using two methods of formation. He, Chunxia; Hou, Renluan; Xue, Jiao; Zhu, Dongjun Abstract Jan 1, 2013 2767
A new and environmentally friendly route for preparation of carbon microspheres from wheat straw. Leishan, Chen; Cunjing, Wang; Yu, Miao; Gairong, Chen Report Jan 1, 2013 1606
Experimental investigation into noise insulation of straw and reeds/Siaudu ir nendriu triuksmo izoliacijos eksperimentiniai tyrimai. Deveikyte, Saule; Mazuolis, Jurgis; Vaitiekunas, Petras Report Oct 1, 2012 4987
Processed straw as effective thermal insulation for building envelope constructions. Vejeliene, Jolanta Report Sep 1, 2012 3440
Carbon Dioxide Emission from Maize Straw Incubated with Soil under Various Moisture and Nitrogen Levels. Abro, Shaukat Ali; Xiaohong Tian; Hussain, Qaisar; Talpur, Mashooqe; Singh, Umeed Report Feb 29, 2012 4346
Straw: from doghouse to garden. Presto, Anthony Brief article Feb 1, 2012 133
Decorative materials from rice straw and cornstarch adhesives. Liu, Junjun; He, Chunxia; Yu, Min; Zhang, Huan; Hou, Renluan Feb 1, 2012 4337
The short-lived sustainable harvest: straw-burners filled the bill for early mechanized harvests in California. Alexander, Jack Nov 1, 2011 1732
Replacing concentrate with wheat straw treated with urea molasses and ensiled with manure: effects on ruminal characteristics, in situ digestion kinetics and nitrogen metabolism of. Bulls, Nili-Ravi Buffalo Report Aug 1, 2011 5937
Effects of treating whole-plant or chopped rice straw silage with different levels of lactic acid bacteria on silage fermentation and nutritive value for lactating holsteins. Zhang, Y.G.; Xin, H.S.; Hua, J.L. Report Nov 30, 2010 5393
Intermediary metabolism of plasma acetic acid, glucose and protein in sheep fed a rice straw-based diet. Alam, M.K.; Ogata, Y.; Sako, Y.; Al-Mamun, M.; Sano, H. Report Sep 21, 2010 5447
Improvement of fermentation quality of rice straw silage by application of a bacterial inoculant and glucose. Li, Jing; Shen, Yixin; Cai, Yimin Report Jul 1, 2010 5454
Utilization of rice straw and different treatments to improve its feed value for ruminants: a review. Sarnklong, C.; Cone, J.W.; Pellikaan, W.; Hendriks, W.H. Report May 1, 2010 9718
Straw bale cat condo. Goodson, Dolores; Goodson, Don Brief article Dec 1, 2009 224
Properties of sandwich-type panels made from bamboo and rice straw. Jarusombuti, Songklod; Hiziroglu, Salim; Bauchongkol, Piyawade; Fueangvivat, Vallayuth Oct 1, 2009 3935
Effects of rice straw particle size on chewing activity, feed intake, rumen fermentation and digestion in goats. Zhao, X.G.; Wang, M.; Tan, Z.L.; Tang, S.X.; Sun, Z.H.; Zhou, C.S.; Han, X.F. Report Sep 1, 2009 8633
Straw hats, anyone? Sauder, Jonathan; Sauder, Martha Brief article Sep 1, 2008 275
Use of in vitro gas production technique to investigate interactions between rice straw, wheat straw, maize stover and alfalfa or clover. Tang, S.X.; Tayo, G.O.; Tan, Z.L.; Sun, Z.H.; Wang, M.; Ren, P.G.; Han, X.F. Report Sep 1, 2008 6523
Building a straw bale home--at the age of 19. Williams, Jason Jul 1, 2008 1754
Supplementing maize or soybean hulls to cattle fed rice straw: intake, apparent digestion, in situ disappearance and ruminal dynamics *. Von, Nguyen Tien; St. Louis, David G.; Orr, Adam I.; Rude, Brian J. Report Jun 1, 2008 8191
Histological changes of tissues and cell wall of rice straw influenced by chemical pretreatments. Jia-Kun, Wang; Xiao-Lian, Chen; Jian-Xin, Liu; Yue-Ming, Wu; Jun-An, Ye Report Jun 1, 2008 3558
Short-term effects of wheat straw incorporation into paddy field as affected by rice transplanting time. Ma, J.; Xu, H.; Han, Y.; Cai, Z.C.; Yagi, K. Report May 1, 2008 4820
Decomposition rate of cereal straw as affected by soil placement. Curtin, D.; Francis, G.S.; McCallum, F.M. Report Mar 1, 2008 7357
Erosion control and storm water quality from straw with PAM, mulch, and compost blankets of varying particle sizes. Faucette, L.B.; Governo, J.; Jordan, C.F.; Lockaby, B.G.; Carino, H.F.; Governo, R. Nov 1, 2007 10067
Effects of Tween 80 pretreatment on dry matter disappearance of rice straw and cellulolytic bacterial adhesion. Lee, Chan Hee; Sung, Ha Guyn; Eslami, Moosa; Lee, Se Young; Song, Jae Y.; Lee, Sung Sill; Ha, Jong K Report Sep 1, 2007 3526
The last straw? Making gas from crop residue. Nov 1, 2006 316
Pilot-scale production and material properties of extruded straw-plastic composites based on untreated and fungal-treated wheat straw. Schirp, Anke; Loge, Frank J.; Englund, Karl R.; Wolcott, Michael P.; Hess, J. Richard; Houghton, Tra Oct 1, 2006 5505
Rice-straw sweaters. Brief article Sep 30, 2006 288
The effect of organic mulch amendments on the physical and chemical properties and revegetation success of a saline-sodic minespoil from central Queensland, Australia. Grigg, A.H.; Sheridan, G.J.; Pearce, A.B.; Mulligan, D.R. Mar 15, 2006 4817
House of straw. Cutraro, Jennifer Brief Article Nov 28, 2005 93
Houses of straw: building solid and environmentally conscious foundations. Bainbridge, David A. May 1, 2005 1082
Bale construction turns straw into architectural gold. Firstenfeld, Jane Apr 1, 2005 2358
Southern comfort in a straw bale home: this rural Georgia home balances grace and style with sustainable design. Anderson, Claire Jun 1, 2004 3098
A house of straw: a single mom and her teenage sons build an energy-efficient home for about $50 a square fool So what's stopping you? (homesteading)(Cover Story). Roberts, Carolyn Apr 1, 2003 2248
Straw-fiber packaging within grasp soon. (Update). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 284
Leftover straw gets new life. Wood, Marcia Apr 1, 2002 1189
Straw Houses. Brief Article Sep 17, 2001 116
Straw Bales Stack up for Buildings. Bainbridge, David A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 816
Ex"straw"dinary Science. Mar 26, 1999 6516
Cotton Seedling Root Growth Responses to Light Reflected to the Shoots from Straw-Covered versus Bare Soil. Kasperbauer, M. J. Jan 1, 1999 3481
Combining cottage cheese whey and straw reduces erosion while increasing infiltration in furrow irrigation. Brown, M.J.; Robbins, C.W.; Freeborn, L.L. Jun 22, 1998 4199
Strawboard: the dawn of a new era? Christianson, Rich Editorial Jan 1, 1998 516
The first little pig was right; Kim Thompson's straw bale house is sturdy and cheap. Wood, Greg Jun 22, 1997 1093
Building with straw bales. Steen, Athena; Steen, Bill Dec 1, 1995 5025
The new adobes. Whiteley, Peter O. Apr 1, 1995 1429
Building with straw. Belanger, Jd Sep 1, 1994 2175
In the balehouse now. Lecard, Marc May 1, 1994 637
So you wannabe a homesteader? Start practicing in your own apartment! May 1, 1994 447
Straw homes: in response to rising lumber costs, advocates of alternative building materials present their case. Everett, George Oct 1, 1993 3320

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