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Stratus Computer announces Continuum Electronic Commerce Server; Stratus Electronic Commerce Server brings continuous availability at an affordable price to the electronic commerce market.

MARLBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 18, 1996--Stratus Computer Inc. (NYSE:SRA) today introduced the Continuum Electronic Commerce Server (ECS).

Providing a wide range of electronic commerce solutions, including electronic payments, EDI, X.400 messaging and integration real time data into the World Wide Web, the Continuum Electronic Commerce Server (ECS) offers unparalleled functionality on the entire range of Continuum series processors. Stratus' Continuum Series 400, also announced today, provides the same suite of electronic commerce products at an entry level price.

The Continumn ECS product set includes Open Market Inc.'s Secure WebServer, OM-Transact and OM-Axcess products that provide the secure infrastructure for conducting commerce over the Internet and World Wide Web. S2 Systems Inc.'s market-leading electronic payments, EDI and communications gateway applications are other key solutions offered on the Continuum ECS. High performance messaging, e-mail gateways, X.500-based directory services and document interchange products using Internet protocols or OSI X.400/X.500 technologies are provided by ISOCOR.

"The Continuum ECS provides all the key elements needed for the successful deployment of these critical electronic commerce solutions," said John Scanlon, vice president of marketing, Stratus Continuum Product Group. "It combines Stratus' expertise in continuously available systems with outstanding software solutions from the leaders in the market. The affordable price of the Series 400 ECS also means that many businesses will no longer have to settle for less than the highest degree of system availability," he added.

The Continuum ECS is designed to address the complex issues surrounding electronic commerce, providing an end-to-end solution for a wide variety of transactions. These include credit authorization over private or public networks, EDI and e-mail utilizing X.400 messaging, medical claims authorization and eligibility, and Internet-based transactions. Stratus, as a leading provider of electronic payments, transaction switches, medical and pharmacy claims, and messaging systems, has been in the forefront of electronic commerce for the last decade. With the expansion of electronic commerce onto the Internet and the World Wide Web, Stratus is now positioned to take advantage of these rapidly growing technologies.

Gary Eichhorn, CEO of Open Market, said, "Stratus is recognized industry-wide for their commitment to continuous availability and the ability to support high volumes of transactions for mission-critical applications. The growth of Internet-based commerce will require back-office payment systems, like OM-Transact, that are available on a continuous basis 365 days a year. The combination of Stratus hardware and the Open Market software products will provide users with off-the-shelf, reliable, secure Internet-based commerce systems that meet the levels of availability required by purchasers, consumers, and service providers worldwide."

"The most difficult problem to overcome in providing real time data on the Web is that the required data is not on the Web server, but on disparate systems including mainframes and application servers", commented Gary Provo, president of S2 Systems Inc. "NetX:Window solves the problems of security, controlled access disparate data formats and communications protocols. A great example is home banking over the Web. The live customer information typically resides on a mainframe, but the Web server needs access to the data in order to provide a real time home banking system. NetX:Window is the perfect solution for this problem."

The suite of applications that is being offered on the Continuum ECS from S2 Systems includes NetX:Window and NetX:EDI. NetX:Window provides controlled access over the World Wide Web to applications and data that reside on disparate systems and networks. S2 also provides NetX:EDI, a flexible tool for mapping EDI and other forms of electronic commerce data to the required application formats, and connecting trading partners in either batch or interactive modes. Both NetX:Window and NetX:EDI are implemented on S2's Network Express middleware platform. S2's banking and retail electronic payments systems including ATM support, credit, debit and check processing, and frequent shopper products are also available.

ISOCOR, a leading provider of open messaging and business document interchange, is another key partner supporting the Continuum ECS. "The alliance of ISOCOR and Stratus brings together two strong players in the backbone systems arena," stated Bill Wolfe, ISOCOR, vice president of marketing and business development. "By combining Stratus' open fault-tolerant computing platforms with ISOCOR's powerful messaging products, we have a solution set that will offer customers true global electronic commerce."

About Open Market

Founded in 1994, Open Market Inc. offers a full spectrum of high-performance business software products for the Internet. These products are revolutionary in their architecture, breadth and functionality -- and enable companies to re-invent the way they do business in the information economy. Open Market's software products bring the full range of business capability to the Internet and make enterprise-wide applications, secure electronic commerce and industry-specific solutions possible. The company currently employs more than 250 professionals. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Open Market can be reached via phone at (617) 621-9500 or on the World Wide Web at http//

About S2 Systems

S2 Systems Inc., a wholly owned independent software subsidiary of Stratus Computer, Inc. (NYSE:SRA), is a leading provider of core business applications, advanced data conununications middleware, consulting and support services. S2 System's customers are leaders in the financial services, banking, brokerage, retail, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, travel and transportation industries. With headquarters in Dallas, S2 Systems provides services to customers in 60 countries worldwide. For more information about S2 Systems' full line of electronic commerce software solutions, call 1-214-458-3800 or call toll-free at 1-800-527-4131.


ISOCOR is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions for open messaging and electronic information interchange utilizing Internet protocols, EDI, X.400, X.500 and related technologies. ISOCOR products are sold and supported by ISOCOR worldwide through more than 120 resellers and systems integrators. ISOCOR's corporate headquarters are based in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information contact ISOCOR at or through the World Wide Web at

About Stratus

Based in Marlboro, Mass., Stratus Computer Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive computer solutions for critical on-line environments. Stratus and its subsidiaries offer a broad range of continuously available computer platforms, application software, middleware and professional services. The company markets its systems and solutions to a range of industries in more than 60 countries. Stratus can be reached via Internet at on the World Wide Web. -0-

Stratus, the Stratus logo, Continuum and Continuous Processing are registered trademarks of Stratus Computer Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Stratus Computer

Patrick Farley, 508/460-2311


Neva Group

Gene Carozza, 617/441-4000 x244
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 18, 1996
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