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Stratton Holdings, Inc. Releases Project Report for Claims in Sierra Leone West Africa with Promising Results for Near Term Profit and Long-Term Growth.

BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- Stratton Holdings, Inc. (STHG - OTC Pink) releases its Project Report Prepared for period ending Q1 2012 by Accurate Resource Development Corp. for STHG. The report, below, demonstrates an overview of the property description, assay reports, equipment and machinery to be provided and estimated production including average hauls of 5-7 oz of gold (AU) per ton per week at 900 tons per week.

Project: STHG Sewa River Sierra Leone #SRSL 0001

Property Description: 5 acres permitted concession on Sewa River in the Bo region. On average 10- 22 ft overburden worth processing to offset overhead cost but not profitable. Pay layers 2-5 ft deep and on average 3 pay layers to false bedrock. False bedrock 6- 18 inches deep with final diamond layer 1-4 ft deep to bedrock Clear and industrial diamonds up 7.6 ct have been observed. Life of project 2-3 years estimated. Production to start Jan 2013 with first shipment estimated March 1st 2013

Assay Reports:

Capitol Assay

23.5 PPM or 23.5 Grams per ton AU

SGS Labs

18.6 Grams per ton AU

Equipment to be supplied 1) Custom Design 4 -6inch intakes to one with screen size to -1 inch. Rated for 80 Cubic yards per Hour. 2) 50 ton per hour land based screen and jig plant custom design. 3) 2 ton per hour finish concentrator 4) 1000 gal stationary fuel tank

Machinery will operate between 50-80% of capacity depending on layer with final bedrock layer causing severe reduction in capacity due to concreted false bedrock. We will evaluate burn rate to recovery on final layer.

Estimated Production based on 3grams AU per ton factoring in Overburden and Layers

25 tons per hour 6 hours a day

150 tons per day

6 days a week

900 tons per week

X 3 grams AU per ton

2700 grams AU

31.1 grams per Troy Oz

86.8 Oz AU per week

Weeks of production are seasonal and best case is nine months of production. 2013 being the least. Average season is from Nov -July.

After striping visible gold, production should produce 12 tons of ore concentrate with an average of 5- 7 oz AU per ton per week. Shipments are 22 tons max per trucking laws in USA.

STHG CEO, John Semachko, Jr., a mining industry expert with a strategic long-term plan for STHG and its shareholders is "pleased with the results of the report as they exceeded my expectations. This, in combination with our current efforts in North America positions STHG in solid form for cumulative revenues and exponential growth among our competitors in the precious minerals mining industry."

Stratton Holdings Inc is a publicly traded company with a focus on Precious Metals mining as well as business operations in other sectors which management feels has potential for long-term growth and/or near-term revenue opportunities.

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Date:May 10, 2012
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