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Strategies to Enhance Vocabulary Development.

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Vocabulary knowledge provides a source of prior knowledge and word meaning that can be used to enhance reading comprehension. It is important that teachers be aware and knowledgeable of the many strategies available to enhance vocabulary growth, and also how to teach these strategies to students. These strategies can range from the use of context cues to feature analysis maps. In this pamphlet, teachers will find strategies and activities that can be used to increase student vocabulary growth. The pamphlet first reviews the research on vocabulary learning and then presents "pre-reading" strategies/vocabulary, including graphic organizer and word mapping. It next presents "during reading" strategies/vocabulary, such as keeping a vocabulary journal, followed by "after reading" strategies/vocabulary, such as doing crossword puzzles and morphemic analysis. It also cites specific strategies to help English-as-a-second-language students, including cooperative learning. The pamphlet suggests home activities for vocabulary development, including activities for the beginning reader and the intermediate reader. Lists 23 relevant technology Web site addresses. (Contains 34 references.) (NKA)

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Author:Teal, Tiffany
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Feb 13, 2003
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