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Strategic planning models for reverse and closed-loop supply chains.


Strategic planning models for reverse and closed-loop supply chains.

Pochampally, Kishore K. et al.

CRC / Taylor & Francis


285 pages




Products that are discarded prematurely due to development of new products can be reprocessed, but this can create uncertainty in the supply chain. This work addresses the challenges caused by the inherent uncertainty involved at every stage of a closed-loop supply chain. The book presents quantitative models for the many issues faced by strategic planners of reverse and closed-loop supply chains amid the challenges of uncertainty in supply rate of used products, unknown condition of used products, and imperfect correlation between supply of used products and demand for reprocessed goods. The models proposed in the book provide an understanding of how a particular issue can be effectively approached in a particular decision-making situation using a suitable quantitative technique or combination of techniques. This information is then translated into decision-making strategies and guidance for reverse and closed-loop supply chain management. Pochampally teaches quantitative studies and operations management at Southern New Hampshire University.

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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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