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Strategic moves.

WHO             WHAT         OF/WITH       RESULT

JeleAlarm, LLC  Acquisition  SafetyCare    TeleAlarm is changing its
                                           name to SafetyCare
                                           Technologies, LLC, and
                                           offers monitoring of its
                                           emergency call system by
                                           first responders in the
                                           company's new central
nCipher plc.    Partnership  Certicom      The two companies will offer
                             Corporation   a hardware-based
                                           cryptographic security
                                           platform for implementing
                                           Elliptic Curve Cryptography
                                           in support of the National
                                           Security Agency's Suite B
                                           encryption requirements.
Day &           Acquisition  Reliable      Day & Zimmerman will expand
  Zimmerman                  Security      its New England portfolio
  Security                   Guard Agency  and increase its force by
  Services                   Inc.          600 uniformed guards.
March Networks  Joint        BT Redcare    The two companies will
                marketing    Group         jointly market and sell
                agreement                  integrated security,
                                           network, and business
                                           solutions in the United
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