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Strategic development of Jask port in Oman seashores.


Locating in a great geopolitical situation in Middle East, and endowment with a better transportation system in contrast to its neighboring countries makes Islamic republic of Iran into a suitable transportation corridor. Iran is located in between of two great crude oil producing region of Caspian see and Persian Gulf, which turn the country into a bridge between Afghanistan, central Asia and Caucasian counties and the oceans. Beside this, the county is capable of being an corridor between Russia, Central Asia, Caucasian countries and Middle East, Far East, south Asia, which is so called north-south corridor and even can make a bridge between China and Indian subcontinent to Middle east, africa and Europe through an East-West corridor according to ancient silk pattern. In this regard it is noticeable to say that the county share borders with 15 countries and is an active an important member of The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

Regarding to policies imposed by the government in order to boast an equal development throughout the country, and with respect to a higher aim to improve the countries dignities in worldwide point of view, government of Islamic Republic of Iran is decisive to improve social, economic and even safety situation of the region using internal capabilities and capacities. As a consequence we have to take into account all advantages such as improvement of transportation in south-north corridor, increase in import and export, capability of export of crude oil and its product, safety requirement of the region, and job positions, and all its disadvantages such as smuggling, migrations, security issues, and its inadvertent side effects of neighboring harbors. According to data provided by ministry of mine and industry, the province of sistan va Baluchistan, placed in the last position in the ranking of provinces according to their economic situations (ministry of mine and industry 2009). So economic improvement of this province is of great importance in long term program of improvement of the country. Although it is not just the province of sistan and baluchstan which needs detailed planning and great effort for improvement, and provinces like south Khorasan, kuhgiluie va Buier ahmar, Hurmuzgan, Bushehr and Kurdistan are also among deprived province deserve of high attention but it seems that the province of Sistan va Baluchestan is in the focus of development among deprived provinces in Iran and this demand a careful attention and detailed exploration of its capacities, capabilities and opportunities. Without any doubt it could be said that development of a deprived region could not be accomplished in short term, but it needs detailed programing, great efforts and cooperation between many department and ministry in the government such as deportment of defense, ministry of petroleum, deportment of settlement, ministry of welfare, ministry of road and transportation. Fortunately, sea of Oman and in special case Strait of Hormuz is well known throughout the world for its highly secure marine trade. This is just devoted to our highly skilled navy force that this area of sea is among the must secure place for shipment in which in contrast to other marine corridor pirates have never witnessed in the region. Beside this, it should be noticed that United States nave force basement in the region of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman has been a source of harassment and detention for our naval force in the region but of course secure safety in any kind and any way can and will guaranty the improvement of deprive provinces of south and south east. According to our Geographical partitioning, there are 4 province in coastal strait in in south and three coastal province in north of the country, which consist of around 22.5% of all the population of the country. Even though this great population are living in beside the sea and the ocean but a small portion of this population make their living for the coastal area. All in all, there are at least 384 seaport in our coastal area which consist of small size, medium size and large scale seaport. There are 8 port among large scale seaport which called Amirabad, Anzali, Busher, CHabahar, KHoramshahr, Noushahr, and SHahid Rajaei, with 135 quay in 23 in coastal line of 23 kms and the CHabahar seaport is one of the most important of them. In historical point of view, coastal area was the focal point for starting human civilizations because there were plenty of opportunities to bring jobs and make money. Considering three important factor of management, marketing and achievement of all passible export market, we have to try to succeed in term of global business and beside this make it possible to have improved our domestic economy and assent our position in global ranking of all countries according to domestic economy. So it is ours to make best of all opportunities of our coastal line in Sea of Oman and this is just possible if we invest more in our Seaports and make improvement in our capacity to export and import of goods as a part of our macro-plane for economic improvement of the country.

Nowadays, worldwide economic free zones are working according to transparent business basis and with focus on needs of customers and host country they provide a safe and equipped environment for investors, marketers, Businessman to succeed in their aim. In this way it should be noted the our country is located in between of Persian Gulf Petroleum Basins and Caspian Sea petroleum basins whose are among the big area of oil and gas producing regions and this is a primal need for them to have access to International free ocean in coastal line of sea of Oman. But when we turn our view into our country, It was not possible for us to make best of this opportunities in recent years, and this is just because of great problems we were encounter with during the offence of Saddam into Iran and breakthrough of an eight year of war against Iran, which devastate our economy and beside this we were force to suffer from economic sanction of western world in special case the United States. In term of domestic governance, on one hand there were a great lack of experience among local governor and on the other have there was an unstable situations in our neighboring countries which bring terror and horror in the region. All of those great obstacle deter us of being succeed in our economy even-though we the potential ability to be among 10 or 15 big economy in the word. In recent years, thanks to regional stability and local security, there is a great aim among top executive governor of the country to make a great improvement in south east of the country according to national prospective of the country by the Year 1404 in local calendar (2025). According to territory logistics and with respect to a forward perspective, our country is going to be a symbol of development among third world countries and provide and Islamic model of progress to the world. In this way it is obvious that Iranian seaport have a key role and providing road, highways and railroad and like them to major cities in the country and outside in the central Asia, caucus region and Anatoly according to corridor of East-West and corridor of North-South have a great importance to governor of the country. Chabahar Seaport in way to turn into a hub seaport and make a better economic situation to herself has to attract plenty of internal an foreign investment. This is the case about Jask and Kenarak which need plenty of investment and it should be said that unfortunately we haven't had the proper investment in our coast line till now, and we haven't had the chance to make all of what coastal area can give us and consequently we are not endowed with a proper situation in worldwide point of view. Our aim in this investigation is to provide a spatial planning of existing potential and obstical in the way to make a Sustainable development in the region of Chabahar, Jask, Konarak and in a larger farme of view, all the coastal line of south east of iran (Sea of Oman).

Nowadays, Geotourism is a great business and influences all aspect of economy in a region. This is because majority of tourist are looking forward to find natural landscapes and in this way coast line of Makran area in the beach of sea of Oman provide a unique opportunity to enjoy from a place where ocean meet desert ocean waves sculpture a really wonderful perspective in the Beach. There are divers group of natural attraction in beaches of Makran which are all because of its unique climates and special Geomorphologies that provide a great potential for ecotourism investment. Among the most important feature of the region is a special phenomenon which called "mud volcanos". Beside this, there are divers grope of plant species and animal group habitats in the area which enhance the its ability to attract more tourist but lack of proper investment and proper facilities such as hotel and restaurant, deter city and dweller to make best of this opportunities. This is even more unfortunate when we consider that Makran coast are endowed with warm and moderate climate in winter which even can makes swimming passible in the sea.

In Jask area, wind have eroded a great part of sea coast and inland area and make a wonderful sculpture out of them, beside this, there are another special feature in the area which called tidal lagoon which require a big investment to make use of it and reduces poverty and bring prosperity to the region and this is all possible through educations, investment and of course through announcement.

Through Geotourism, native people can find jobs as tour guide, tour leader, and indirectly Geotourism can improve economy of the region through attraction of investment in hotel and restaurants, and the job position available there, and through enhancement of local business such as food and cloth or local handcraft.

A special planning for Jask and her requirement for development:

Majority of Problems people are encounter with in urban area are originated from unsustainable life with nature and environment. This means that people are act according to their needs and do not consider pre-requirements of environments and consequently they neither meet their needs nor left environment intact. In this way environment is disturbed, castumes and ritual of people have chaned, and in some cases resources that are not renewable are totally removed from the area. When costume and tradiational way of life in a region is changed it mean that at the time people are not in equal relationship with environment, because through the centuries people make their life in equal with their environment, and beside this, ethical abrations and social crime will prevail in the region as there be a great cultural difference in region.

Islamic republic of Iran considered special planning as key-role to solve all problems in socioeconomical point of view and unequal distribution of money and resources in all country. Investigation of all aspect of a region including native costumes, natural risk and environmental problems and opportunities, beside historical and cultural prespective are consider in special planning to make an overall conclusion about how to make progress, development and bring prosperity with respect to the environments. This means that special planning should consider participation of people, natural side effects, and background local people of their future while considering a developed future. Beside this, special planning should carried out in a way to guaranty participation of all people and be a representation of all of them.

Requirement for carrying out a long term special planning for the country that is according to principals of special planning should consider safety and defense issues, economical possibility and efficiency, unity of the country, equal distribution of resource and equipment, social equality, environmental protection and revitalization of natural resourses, protection of Islamic and Iranian Identities, protection of cultural heritages, faciate the internal and external communications, and of course removing of depravity especially in rural area.

What we have mentioned in this spatial planning are cosist of futuristic frame of view of Islamic Republic of Iran according to our reform and progress of the country and enhancement of social, cultural and economic level of the people of our country by using our great effort and magnificent management in order to make optimal use of our resources and improvement of our infrastructure. Otherwise, we have to confess that our planning is going too failed and we will loss all our investment and it will be a waste of time and money at all.

Foremost aim of every spatial planning is to provide a sustainable development in the region of target. It was not until after world war the second when scientist provided a universal definition of the word "development" whom have changed their theoretical view point in Germany, France and even in United States, which we use even today. Univanimously they believe that the situation and condition of their respective countries should have changed, and for this reason definitions and process needs to a total review. In term of development there is two different terminology, "economical development" and "economic growth". Although both have their focus on physical progress but economic development consider all aspect of progress and have effects on environment and gain effect from it in a way that is a supplementary for all aspect of development. I assessment of development, quality index should be consider in the way that all index have to sign the improvement in social aspect of life. Among researchers there many how believe in a motidinesional development and those dimensions are involved in social, economic, political, and cultural aspects in which every dimension have to improve in the same time with other dimension.

Economic condition of seaport in sea of Oman:

Sea of Oman which located in south east of Iran is in fact a part of Indian Ocean, her north limits are coast of Makran in Iran and Pakistan and in south it reach to Arab sea in which tropical orbit is their border line. Oman sea is extended from Haad cape in Oman in south to Gowatr SeaPort in Pakistan in northeast with 320 Kms wieth and 560Kms long in north west she is borderd with Strait of Hurmoz which is a key point in term of energy supply of the word. Iranian seaport in coastal area of sea of Oman are Jast, Chabahar, Konara and in south pare in kingdom of Oman there are Sowr, Maqat, Matrah, Khaborah, and Souhar. Islands of Qeshm and Hurmoz are in entrance point of Sea of Oman to Persian Gulf and Bandar Abas is in 14 Kilometer northwestern Hurmoz Island. It is said that the county which we know today with name of Oman, was called Mozven in ancient time and its dweller were non-Arab People.

Geographic and strategic location of Makran Coastal area is because of its proximity to Persian Gulf and strait of Hurmoz, and this is way It is not in the center of regional and international disputations and because it is a way to the Persian Gulf and its pertruleim Basins, she find a strategic Importance in term of economy. Three seaport of Chabahar, Jask and Konarak which are in a line in coast of Makran in Iran are the only seaport in iran which have a direct access to international ocean. Chabahar seaport is the biggest of them and among the most important seaport of the country in south of Iran and norther pare of the sea of Oman. This strategic seaport have the facility to dock large ship with capacities of 7000 tons is the second biggest seaport after Shahid Rajaei seaport with capacity larger ship with capacity of 8000 tons. For this reasons, Chabahar seaport has a great importance for the country as a big Port and the biggest on which have a direct access to international ocean water. On one other hand, with direct access to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central Asia and in recent future when she get access to railroad network of Islamic Republic Of Iran, It will achieve a great importance in transports of goods in the country and whole of the region, on the other hand as the only port of our country which have access to international ocean, this port is a key point in coast of Persian Gulf n Sea of Oman and an opening window for South-North corridor. This seaport can carry an important role in East-West corridor too, and If we have our seaport Improved, turn them into Hub seaport of the region eastern Part of our country will eventually breakthrough an social, cultural and economic center for progress in the whole region. In this regards we can notice this feature about importance of investment in the region:

1- Geographically important area as a consequence of being in proximity of the International shipment roads.

2- Proximity to Afghanistan and other central Asian countries for transport of goods

3- Access to airborne transportation through advanced airport facilities

4- Having access to a market with population of 350 million people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.

5- Having facility to dock large scale ships

6- Availability of water, electricity, communications and fuel in low price.

7- Workers with low payments

8- Low tax fee in comparison with other economic free zone in all around the world

9- Large springhouse and depot

10- Availability of facilities for import and export of product and goods

11- Proximity with cities of Chabahar and Konarak with population of around 220 thousands of people

12- Opportunity of selling and buying of house and properties

13- Possibility of using land and house document to borrow money form Band

14- Availability of buying land and lodge without using payment without journeywork

Jask seaport is located in altitude of 400 meters above the sea level and its historical point of view it is recorded as Jashk, Chask and CHashk. New Jask is located in end-point of eastern part of Makran coastal area which is surrounded with to bay in two sides and there is airport available in the city and a fair equipped way to Minab and sidetrack to nearby villages. There is also a sea line toward Banda Abbas, Konarak and Chabahar. This seaport is the oldest seaport in Iran which was borrowed to Britain in early 18Th century for economic and military uses. Facilities in the port are really old and in some cases reach to an age of 120 year old which was stablished by Britain naval force and is called "bangelan" in local language. New facilities were stablished in 1985 and is use till now. There is nothing available about Jusk in Books and material from Before Islam history of the region But in Books of ancient Greeks it is mentioned that it is said that Ntark and his naval force travel in board of a warship form sea of Oman to Persian Gulf and crossed a village called Baadis (which was the region we call it Jask in recent years) and it was mentioned that native people make their home form bones of wales and eat fish. In early ages of Isalm, Indian Parsa Uses this port to travel from Iran to Gujarat in India in board of a ship. In book of Yaghoot Hamovi in 7th century, Jashk or Jask is an Island between Kish and Oman, and we believe Hamovi were wrong about the position of the city because the city in between those locations is Larak Island in strait Of Hurmoz. Qazvinin has also mentioned it in her handwriting. Ibn batouta in 8th century have traveld there and mention the city in his book. In between 760-767 of Islamic calendar, Jask region and even Kaij and Baluchistan we belong to territory of Al-almujafar and Shah Shoja. But after falling down of Al Mozafar kingdom this territory were in control of Fars and Kerman and then handed over to Portuguese and Spaniards in the year of 1024 of Islamic calendar, East Indian Company was succeed to make a contract with Shah Abbas and start to stablish a business center in the Jask and in 1025 the first shipment from Seurat of India docked in the Jask seaport. In 1027 Shah Abas write an order in which East Indian Company has an exclusive privilege to Import silk in Iranian market. Around a year latter this company stablish a business center in Jask and the farm in old castle of jask was stablished. In 1031, Imamquli head of Fars province had killed Mahmoud shah the last king of Hurmoz and as a consequent their kingdom vanished. In the same year England fight against Portuguese and gradually force them to leave the region and it was then that after 119 Year Portuguese left and Britain replace them. In 1032 Britain occupay Hurmoz and make just as their primial bussines port. In the period of Naser Aldin Shah, Jast was considered as desert. And in 1279 Britain stablish an post office in Jask and in 1281 under sea telegraph like fro Karachi to Faw was stablished and in the same year it was destroyed as a consequence of a huge earthquake shocked the region in Persian Gulf, signaling was cut and Britain was forced to reestablish a telegraph line in between Karachi and Jask. In 1286 telegraph office was stablished in Jask, and in 1295 Britain navy stablished a small military guard in order to maintain safety of telegraph infrastructure in Jask, and a year later Military garrison of Britain navy dispatched from Baasaeido(a city in Qesh Island) to Jask. In 1305 Hossain Qulikhan Nizamulsaltanah became customs chief officer in southern Iran and consequently he build some infrastructure in southern seaport such as Jask. It was just in 1306 that Mohamad Mehdi malek Ultojjar get an order form Amin Alsultan to dispatch an Iranian military unit to the area of Jask and officially annex claim Jask as a territory of Iran and there was only then that Jask became an Iranian seaport in Persian Gulf. From 1307 till 1308 Saad Ulmalik Nezam Maafi became the official ruler of the Jask region. Telegraph line office of Britain was hand over to Iran in 1309 and after assassination of Britain officer of Britain telegrapg, Britain-Indian rulers send an group of Indian soldier to the region in 1316 in order to take safety of Britain properties and citizens. In 1319 Iranian government remove tariff from goods that was officially imported for members of telegraph facilities. In the same year a group of Indian soldier under Britain role, occupied southern coast including Jask and in consequentely in 1323 an act was ordered in parliament to partitioning teritoties under control of Iran into provinces and districte in which district of Bandar Abas became a part of Fars Province and years latter it became a part of kerman Province. Iranian government make an airline between Jask and other seaport of Iran in order to felicitate postal affair. All in all it was just in 1311 that interance of any airport belong to royal navy of England and Netherland became Illegal in southern coast including Jask (zinda Dill 31, 1379).

Proposed Planes:

Maintenance of a secure and safe region:

Safety and security are vital for economic activities everywhere in the world. Without safety and security social, political and economic life of human being would be so harsh. For this exact reason, maintenance of a secure and safe region is and of course will be the first step in every social, cultural and economic plane in scale of local and regional. In this regard, national security can be divided in to parts including national unity, independence, powerful status queue, police force and loyal army. Based on its ability and potential in military power, economic situation, historical background, cultural heritage and national and religious believes, every county has her own definition of national security. In the strategic region of Middle East, security is a complicated issue. In this regard and in order to advance in national security, majority of countries in the region such as Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, and Azerbaijan Republic make security contract with global powerful countries. According to what we have mentioned before, one can see their dependence in term of national security and it could be easily disturb if international partner cannot perform their duty well. In contrast, our beloved country is independence in term of national security and our national security is only depend on our best attention great effort and equipped force. For this, our security shall never disturb if we are all vigilant.

National coalition:

Enhancement and emphasize on national coalition means to Improve national security without highly investment on safety guard and equipment but on exact relationship of people and government by improvement and enhancement of overall link between them. This will result in improvement of national well-being, development and security in long term. By the way, according to the act number 44 in constitutional law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, private economy and business shall be preserved and improve by government ant have this act performed well, can cause a boast in national coalition in the country. In this regard, government are forced to use private finance and ability in field of petroleum industries, which gradually entangled private security with national security and enhance national coalitions and in this was every body has the chance to feel its own participation in development of the country and have its gain and financial benefit from it. According to the announcement of Number 45 By supreme leader about Policies of development plan Number 5, we can find great Importance people, In line number 36 of this document, it is emphasized that participation and coalition of people should be enhanced in field of social, cultural, political and economic development. Accordingly we can summarize all proposals in these forms:

1- Establishment and development of car manufacturing company and facilities to build and maintain ship and maritan equipment beside their supplementary facilities.

2- Investment on Bunkering and supply fuel to travelling ships in the region of Persian Gulf and sea of Oman.

3- Providing service to those ships crossing the region form Bandar Abbas, Gowader, Karachi. Oman, UAE and other seaport in Persian Gulf.

4- Establishment of Hotel, motel and restaurants

5- Establishment of tourist town, and improvement of landscape and cultural heritage of the region

6- Improvement of local and international transportation infrastructure

7- Improvement of insurance instituted

8- Legalization of foreign bank establishments

9- Establishment of entertainment center and hospital and other hygiene center

10- Improvement of educational system including universities colleges and schools

11- Improvement of building, settlements and business center in urban parts

12- Development of fishing industry including shipment and fishery, piscary and fishing company

13- Establishments of all kind of chemical pharmaceutical and food companies.

14- Establishment of heavy industries such as metallurgy

15- Facilating legal way to establish greenhouse to growth tropical fruit and vegetable and other agricultural products (

Improvement of Professionalism:

Changes in sciences and technologies in nowadays world are really fact and huge in such a way that not everybody can catch up with all aspect of it, and this is way we have to emphasis professionalism in today's world. In this way, educations as the only mean to provide the most fresh and well prepared professional for every field of work should be emphasized. In face every society should have improved with regard to Improvement in science and technology and accordingly the society should have its human force well educated, well prepared and well organized and consequently well equipped with the best and advanced equipment of the time. In fact the only way to achieve the goal of becoming an industrial and developed society is to have well educated human force in conjunction with best equipment of the time. In this way we could plan a sophisticated and complex way to solve problem and remove obstacle in the way to improve well-being and to develop our society in the fastest way. In this regard and with respect to future needs of our country and region, we are supposed to approve higher education and provide deprived youth of the region with best educational situation in order to improve fasilate professionalism for future job position required for improvement of the region.

Displacement of Industrial center to the region:

Displacement of heavy industry form big cities like Tehran or Isfahan and concentrate them in costal line have plenty of benefits. First of all heavy industry needed large amount of water which are provided in proximity of sea water. Then industrial centers are highly depend on import and export of goods and raw material that could be easily available through shipment in the ocean. Third option is cheap workers that could be easily available in deprived area and the forth option is environmental consideration that is of course a big obstacle in quality of life in big cities like Tehran and Isfahan and other inland metropolitan but for a vast and intact area of Makran coast line, it is consider a big problem. The fifth issue is migrations in big cities and consequent problems that might have come afterward in a metropolitan such as Tehran, but coast line area have the capacities to settle far more than today's dwellers.

Utilization of natural attraction and tourism:

In order to improve and develop our seaport in southern coast line, we are supposed to maximum effort on protection of environment, beside this, exploiting natural resources are is among the few option in the way to progress, in this way, in order to make best of natural resource with less possible harm effect on environment, sustainable development are proposed in which during an overall spatial planning, environmental issues are the first option to be considered. Her we have to have detailed environment protection plane for every Industrial or contraction project in order to prevent any renewable damage to the environment. In this regard every project or plant that seems to have much environmental damage and is harmful than beneficial should be dropped up or canceled as soon as possible.

Nowadays, optimistic utilization of tourism based on cultural criteria and historical heritage should be done because at the time everybody knows that natural resources are limit. In this regard and with respect to what we have mentioned before, it is ours to make best of natural heritage and landscape of southern coastal line. For example, Chabahar is the most special places in iran, with moderate and favorable weather in winter and seasonal wind in summer plus beautiful landscape in sea, beach and land make it the most favorable pleas in Iran in all seasons of all years. All in all, Chabahar experienced least seasonal changes in a year. Moisture degrees are high only in two month in last spring and early sumer and this is way it was call Chabarar which means "four spring" and this infer that all for season of a year in this area is spring. Chabahar bay, Teas Port, Leapar Lagoon, eroded mountain chain, quay and pier of B rees, Guatr Bay, Her'ra(mangeroo) sea forest, Mud Volcanos, old village of Teas, ancient three of Anjee Ma'abed, mansoon mild wind, beautiful sandy coast line, Blue sea with diverse biology, are among the most natural attraction of Chabahar that could be exploid in order to attract investment, improve tourism industries and make money for poor deprived people of the region.

All in all, Makran coast are among the most special region in term of tourism attraction because of its natural unmatched Beauty and special historical and cultural heritages. As a Chief office in national organization of historical heritage of Iran once said; Chabahrar has the capacity to become the center of natural tourism in all the country-with region and in this regard this region is of course a special choice among families and friends who want to make an unforgettable vacation in and outside the country. Eco tourism here is mostly devoted to its mild weather, special locations, historical geography and geological formations of racks and mineral in a special geomorphological feature in the area. All this phenomenon, one by one are special case which can attract plenty of interested people and prepare them a really fascinating holiday. In term of historical heritage, it could be mentioned that Makran was the center for civilization in eastern part of Plato of Iran which consist of Khorasan, Kereman, Sistan va Baluchistan provinces which has never been in center of attention and exploitation till now.


Islamic Republic of Iran has shared its border in land and see with 15 neighboring countries which make it a potential way to boast its economy through transportations. But till know, there is no exact improvement in this field in order to make interst through transit of goods and business in huge market of the region. In order to improve the situation, coastal port of southern Iran in Makran coast line play a vital role and their strategic location dictate central government to pay more attention to the region and manage complicated and sophisticated plan for future development project. Among this, development and improvement plan for Chabahar, Jask and Konarak seaport in south Iran have the most priority to achieve such a goal, and this demand plenty of investment in term of private sector investment, improvement of capital cyrcle in the region, improvement and facilitate tourism industry are always necessary. In the first step towards revitalization of coastal area of Makran sea we have to change law and facilitate brocratic problems towards investment in the area and building infrastructure to persuade private sector to invest in the area which are all available in majority of well know and prosperous seaport thoughout the word. Road communication aree among the most important infrastructor that should be improve during the first step of progress because it is well know that the lack of road communication force to use only 30% of all capacity of Chabahar seaport and this is way we haven't have the south east country Improved during this long period of time. The second step will be announcement and propagation throughout the world and in the country to improve investment and business and tourism industry in the region. Experience from other free trade zone in Iran told us that it take no time to see the free trade zone that work with full capacity if we have all the necessary software and hardware facility of the region prepared and available to utilize. This means we will see growth and prosperity in short time interval.


Article history:

Received 25 September 2014

Received in revised form 26 October 2014

Accepted 25 November 2014

Available online 30 December 2014


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(1) Ebrahim Jamaladini and (2) Mousa Parpar

(1) Department of Management, Payame Noor University, I. R. Iran

(2) Department of Environmental Planning and Education, Bandar Abbas Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Corresponding Author: Mousa Parpar, Department of Environmental Planning and Education, Bandar Abbas Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Abbas, Iran Tel: 09106635979; E-mail:
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