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Strange Gospels.

 Anodyne, the blonde anchorwoman Repeats the words prepared for her
Off the teleprompter screen. Nothing Of war, gasoline, pipelines, or The
Caspian. Again, a UN truck Blown up, delivering food and water, Another
family killed by teenage soldiers. Flotsam, and the hustling of culture:
A little secret something for almost Everyone. Self-help books as
Bibles, Fake Indian moccasins, yoga, Diet Coke, and simulated war games.
And the same ancient train of empire Barrels on. Galaxies of medicine. A
psychotropic Wunderkammer: Lamictol for the unspeakable Rage, Klonopin
for the dread, The panic. In the courtroom of Our dreams, we are finally
Put on trial. 
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Author:Cruz, Cynthia
Publication:Northwest Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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