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Think you could survive a desert island? First, you must survive this crossword. Solve the clues below to complete this puzzle. Then use the letters In parentheses to spell out the bonus words.

1. Heart and blood vessels are part of the --(--)--(--)-- system.

2. Charged particle: --

3. Resisting force: --(--)--

4. Tiny holes on the surface of leaves: --(--)--

5. Changes from a gas to a liquid: --(--)--

6. Change from a liquid to a gas: --(--)--(--)--

7. Toxic gas made of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen: --(--)--

8. Deadly condition when the body's temperature climbs over 40[degrees]C (104[degrees]F): heat (--)--

9. Medical condition in which the body uses more fluid than it takes in: --(--)--

10. Quartz or metal that sparks when hit with steel: --(--)--

11. In chemistry, this is a compound that releases energy when heated: --(--)--

12. Chemical breakdown: --(--)--


A. Watch out if you set up your tent near the --. The -- may soak you!

B. Every time you exhale you lose water, up to two -- a day.



1. cardiovascular

2. ion

3. friction

4. stomata

5. condenses

6. evaporate

7. smoke

8. stroke

9. dehydrated

10. flint

11. fuel

12. combustion


a. shore, tide

b. cups
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Title Annotation:Vocabulary Builder
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Date:Nov 17, 2003
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