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I WOULD like to voice my support for Mr Lukaris' plans to improve the Terra Nova Cafe at Roath Park lake.

At the moment, on a nice day, they find it hard to cope with the demand for coffees, etc.

Opening it during the winter months will be giving a much-needed service to the regular users of the park who use it all year round.

I'm sure if Mr Lukaris started a petition collecting signatures he would have a huge amount of support.

Jean O'Donnell

Deepdale Close, Penylan, Cardiff

I WOULD like to thank everyone who looked after me following my recent emergency hospital admission - the ambulance crew, the medical emergency admissions unit at Llandough Hospital, Ward B5 at UHW and Ward West 2 in Llandough.

However, special thanks must go to the staff of the intensive care unit at Llandough, where I spent three weeks.

Through the hard work and dedication of all these people I am happy to say I am making a very good recovery .

Thank you all.

John Wheeler

Uplands Crescent, Llandough, Penarth

CHICAGO is called the windy city, its tall sky-scrapers cause a funnel for the winds to build up. Cardiff will follow suit. The winds are already strong in the area near the approach to Queen Street station. Some days I can hardly keep on my feet as I walk to catch a train in one of the side streets near the new high-rise flats. The wind is already biting, what will winter be like?

S Bellamy
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 11, 2007
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